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Construction of Buildings, Development of Building Projects, Specialized Construction Activities, Sales of Mining, Construction and Civil Engineering Machinery

AB, trgovina in storitve, d.o.o.
Breznica 1, 4274 ŽIROVNICA
  • irrigation systems
  • mowers
  • maintenance systems
  • grass seed and fertilizers
  • golf vehicle
  • equipment for gof courses
00386 45805810
Jure Božič
Partizanska cesta 63, 6210 SEŽANA
Valles is a Slovenian company with its own production of parquet flooring and interior doors, specialising in the sale of floor coverings, parquet, OSB, plywood, wooden panels,... Depending on your wishes and requirements, we will manufacture parquet, stairs, interior doors, terraces according to your requirements.
+386 (0)40 451 041
+386 (0)41 406 077
Alen Blokar
AJM OKNA-VRATA-SENČILA podjetje za proizvodnjo stavbnega pohištva, storitve, trgovino in zunanjo trgovino d.o.o.
Kozjak nad Pesnico 2A, 2211 PESNICA PRI MARIBORU
The company AJM d.o.o. was established in the second half of 1990. AJM is a manufacturer and fitter of energy-efficient builders' joinery made from PVC, aluminium and wood. Furthermore, we are continuously investing in the development of new and the improvement on existing products. AJM is a family enterprise run by t...
00386 26550400
00386 26554381
Trivo Krempl
ALPOD podjetje za trgovino in inženiring d.o.o.
Podskrajnik 112, 1380 CERKNICA
Alpod supplies and lays wood flooring and other easy-to-fit floor coverings.The company is the largest distributor of wood flooring in South East Europe. Apart from Slovenia, we supply flooring to partners in Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Koso...
Ljubljanska cesta 6, 1241 KAMNIK
Our business encompasses the areas of design, manufacture and installation of an aluminium and PVC joinery, elements of the façade lining facade construction, facade cladding with alu sheet metal, ceramic, stone, structural glass facades, front elements, including automatic doors, winter gardens and other elements acco...
00386 18315015
Božidar Magyar
ANCORA d.o.o. Ljubljana
Pod jelkami 7, 1218 KOMENDA

Glavni proizvodi in storitve našega podjetja so :
izdelava in montaža PVC in Alu oken, vrat, zimskih vrtov
00386 15161406
00386 51410763
Igor Topić
ARHIMAT d.o.o.
Zasavska cesta 8, 1420 TRBOVLJE
Oficial distributor of solid surface DuPont™ Corian®.
00386 51691737
00386 82005074

AROL d.o.o.
Milčetova pot 20, 1260 LJUBLJANA - POLJE

AROL d.o.o. based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a socially-owned company founded in 2011. Our roots go back 15 years, when we started carrying out façade work in a small family company AL-DI s.p. During these years, we have gained a lot of experience in the field of construction and renovation of buildings. We current...
00386 59042580
Almir Dizdarević
Kosovelova ulica 10, 2000 MARIBOR
- we are a wholesale trading company specialized assortment: 
- all kinds of pipes and suitable accessories for: - House, street sewer, - Postal and electrical cable ducts 
- tubes for home and road drainage 
- PE-HD and PVC pressure pipes and fittings for external water supply&nb...
00386 24716330
Dejan Caf
Blaž Vranešič s.p.
Tribuče 54, 8340 ČRNOMELJ
The company offers installation of new or replacement of old windows in your house, apartment. The tender for the supply and installation of wooden or PVC windows of the highest quality is prepared based on the wishes and requirements of customers . The company does the installation over Slovenia .

The company a...
00386 40753441
Blaž Vranešič
BONMARK trgovina, posredništvo, inženiring, d.o.o.
Kranjska cesta 4, 4240 RADOVLJICA
Wholesale of construction materials, especially metal roofing tiles and installation tools.
00386 41747024
00386 59015901
Peter Jerala
Zagrebška cesta 49A, 2250 PTUJ
Building and maintenance of roads in Republic Slovenia.
00386 27880800
CPK, d.d., družba za vzdrževanje cest, gradbeništvo in druge poslovne storitve
Ulica 15.maja 14, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
Construction is an activity that only lets the strong, capitally adequate and stable companies with highly flexible programmes survive. We can confidently rank CPK d.d. among such companies. With a 50-year-long tradition in building construction and road construction serving as our foundation, we decided in the mid nin...
00386 56630200
00386 56630214
Igor Ukota
CTC d.o.o.
Kolodvorska ulica 14, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Name Promo voda (Promo water) has become synonym for water with customer label. Since 2009, when we launched branded water for the first time, we change a few filling factories and printing factories, all from reason of looking and demanding top quality of finished products.
Now we fill only in best f...
00386 40323202
Borut Cvar
Stantetova ulica 10, 1295 IVANČNA GORICA
Cugelj d.o.o. is a family-owned company from Slovenia. Cugelj d.o.o. is a manufacturer and supplier with own production on 3000m2 in Slovenia, Ivancna Gorica.
For more than 20 years, Cugelj d.o.o. has been providing high quality windows, PVC doors and other building furniture to our customers. Over the years, we h...
00386 17878535
Ignac Cugelj
Hrastovec 7A, 1236 TRZIN
DESIGN VERTIKAL Company Ltd. deals for over 20 years in equiping business and residential buildings, hotels, schools, airports, hospitals and other facilities.All systems are customized for installation of high-end electric equipment, allowing us to meet all requirements concerning the system automation, as well as the...
00386 15304100
00386 15304104
Ajda Jurhar
Strojne instalacije in inženiring
Stranje pri Škocjanu 7, 8275 ŠKOCJAN

We provide mechanical installations, heating, plumbing, and technological cooling services. We handle larger technological systems from design to execution, including the design of mechanical installations. Our Solinterra system offers zero-energy buildings with a high COP (Coefficient of Performance) ranging from ...
00386 41631255

DUOL inženiring d.o.o.
Kapalniška pot 2, 1351 BREZOVICA PRI LJUBLJANI
Company DUOL has been active on the market since 1992 and throughout this period Duol has successfully attained the position of one of the most significant suppliers of fabric structures. Engineering, production, installation of sports halls ( air-supported structures ), sport floors, sport equipment, construction of s...
00386 13601400
Dušan Olaj
EKAL TEAM d.o.o.
Studenška ulica 104, 2000 MARIBOR
Our work includes the implementation of electrical installation works in commercial buildings and residential buildings, and we are also successfully establishing ourselves in the field of industrial engineering and robotics.
Our vision is high professionalism, quick responsiveness and satisfaction of our clients.
00386 30353337
00386 40718217

Velda Bešić
ELEKTRO SLANIČ proizvodnja, storitve in trgovina d.o.o.
Zagrebška cesta 20, 2000 MARIBOR
The company ELECTRO SLANIČ d.o.o. was founded in 1997 with the company's headquarters and production in Maribor. With our experience as well as with our professional and professional team, the company was able to develop very quickly, which also confirmed our reference list of successful companies as well as the introd...
00386 24614172
Tomaž Slanič
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