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Machining & Metalworking

Manufacture and Sales of Basic Metals, Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment, Machining, Installation of Industrial Machinery and Equipment

vehicles and auto parts metal fittings and components cast and fabricated metal elements water turbines and pumps various metal products metal tools truck lifts HVAC systems
3CNC proizvodnja in trgovina d.o.o.
Neverke 58, 6256 KOŠANA
Company 3CNC was grounded with private capital in October 2003. Company has found its purpose in supporting big moulding companies, by producing special mould bases according to customer’s drawings. Our main customers are mould making companies, we can offer them tools for die-casting, transformation tools, cutting too...
00386 57516033
00386 82056108
Urban Birsa
Zagrebška cesta 20, 2000 MARIBOR
machining of large parts (max. weight of the parts: 100 T)
00386 24501515
Janez Točaj
ADK d.o.o.
Miklavška cesta 59, 2311 HOČE
Development, design, production and installation, manufacture of steel and tubular structures for mobile cranes.
00386 26165700
Friderik Čeček
AGROMEHANIKA, proizvodnja in trgovina, Kranj, d.d.
Hrastje 52A, 4000 KRANJ
Agromehanika is the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Slovenia and wider Europe. For more than 50 years, Agromehanika has been the synonym for quality, trust and development - characteristics which numerous satisfied farmers as well as private and public companies from Slovenia and abroad appreciate.
00386 42371300
Mohor Markelj
ALBA, d.o.o.
Celjska cesta 41, 3212 VOJNIK
Alba d.o.o. is a family business specializing in industrial scales and gravimetric dosing systems for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. With more than three decades of experience in metrology, our team of experts provides weighing solutions tailored to your application. We are fully committed to the highest...
00386 34281800
Alojz Kračun
Ljubljanska cesta 67, 1230 DOMŽALE
Kovinostrugarstvo Laznik is a family business with over 40 years of tradition. We are engaged in the production of agricultural, horticultural and vineyard machinery and equipment.
00386 17248393
00386 41654055
Albin Laznik
ALCU d.o.o.
Ljubljanska cesta 51A, 1241 KAMNIK
We are a company selling semi manufactures coloured metal.
00386 18311720
Samo Zalokar
ALPFRIGO d.o.o., družba za razvoj, projektiranje in proizvodnjo hladilnih naprav
Obrtna cona Logatec 11A, 1370 LOGATEC
Company for development and manufacture of :
  • refrigeration equipment in the preparation and processing of food,
  • lab and pharmaceutical refrigerators,
  • special refrigerators.
00386 40850022
Uroš Nastran
ALPMETAL & CO, proizvodnja in trgovina, d.o.o., Selca
Selca 86, 4227 SELCA
Pressure casting of aluminium - processing of castings - welding on CNC machines. ALPMETAL & Co. is a company with a 30-year long tradition. It began as a handcraft activity in 1968, but in 1992 and 1993 grew into a small private company with spatial and other possibilities of further development.The company has lo...
00386 45117836
00386 45117838
Martina Golija
ALPOX, livarstvo in orodjarstvo, d.o.o.
Tovarniška cesta 6, 3210 SLOVENSKE KONJICE
ALPOX d.o.o. is technologically modernised and comprehensively equipped family owned aluminium foundry. We are continuously enhancing our high standards in quality and delivery reliability. ALPOX d.o.o. is ISO 9001:2015 certified aluminium die casting manufacturer that specializes in complex, high-quality high-pressure...
00386 41526185
Jernej Podkubovšek
ALPTRADING izvoz-uvoz, d.o.o.
Podutiška cesta 144, 1000 LJUBLJANA
The company is engaged in the manufacture of machinery for the putting liner into the caps, filling lines and machine for closing different emballage.
00386 15075433
00386 15191170
Stana Pečnik
ALTRAD - LIV, proizvodnja in prodaja mešalnikov betona, d.o.o.
Sveti Jurij 18A, 9262 ROGAŠOVCI
Production and sales of professional and DIY concrete mixers with capacity from 130 to 350 litres.
00386 25588430
Janez Golež
ALU ALPREM proizvodnja in inženiring, d.o.o.
Ljubljanska cesta 15, 1241 KAMNIK
Alu Alprem is specialized in the production of high-quality energy-efficient aluminium joinery. We offer tailor-made solutions for commercial and residential buildings. Due to our financial stability, we ensure highly secure business operations to our clients. The company has been on the market since 1947.
00386 18311511
Andrej Vrhovnik
00386 18392534
Miha Boltar
Obrtna cona Logatec 11E, 1370 LOGATEC
Our core business is production of die cast aluminium alloys parts.
00386 16208510
Gregor Kavčič
ALUMINIUM KETY EMMI pridelava aluminja D.O.O.
Kolodvorska ulica 37A, 2310 SLOVENSKA BISTRICA
Manufacture of semi-finished and finished aluminium
products and assemblies for industrial installation in aluminium and in
combination with other materials; anodising.
00386 28050231
00386 28050500
Roman Stegne
ALUTECH proizvodnja, storitve, trgovina, d.o.o.
Industrijska cesta 1, 1290 GROSUPLJE
Beginnings of the company dates back to 1964, since we are already the third generation involved with metal casting (foundry). From a small family business in 2003 established a new company - foundry, which specializes in die-casting aluminum alloys (aluminum casting).
00386 17865288
00386 41787503
Matjaž Novak
ALUVAR Izdelava kovinskih izdelkov d.o.o.
Gančani 122A, 9231 BELTINCI
The company is engaged in manufacturing, building and steel construction.
00386 25422296
00386 31509909
Uroš Tratnjek
Vrhniška cesta 25A, 1351 BREZOVICA PRI LJUBLJANI
Welcome to AMK Servis,
where we design and manufacture a vehicle according to your needs. Contact us when you need:
  • upgrade for a commercial vehicle,
  • hydraulic loading platform or
  • conversion of a vehicle or facility for accessibility.
00386 /13655419
00386 /51402569
Marko Krmavnar
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