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Manufacture and Sales of Textiles and Clothing, Paper and Paper Products, Manufacture of Basic Chemicals, Rubber and Plastic Products, Glass and Glass Products

A.D. Acovia Design is a family-owned business engaged in the engineering, production, service and sale of technical textile products.
The company covers two areas:
• production and servicing of tents for the needs of the military, police, fire brigades and Civil Protection, as well as tents for scouts and similar...
00386 31289426
Edo Nikolić
Active d.o.o.
Na klancu 1A, 2312 OREHOVA VAS
Company Active d.o.o., established in Maribor, Slovenia, EU in 1990, is a
sustainability-focused manufacturing and trading company. We specialize
in high-quality perlon straps and batteries business. As the official
distributor of Maxell, we have built a reputation for reliability and
00386 22282308
00386 40606468
Gregor Žunko
AFIT, Proizvodnja in trgovina, d.o.o.
Miren 129, 5291 MIREN
Today, the Petejan-Ciciban family business is the number-one manufacturer of children’s shoes in Slovenia, and has a well-developed marketing network in the markets of the former Yugoslavia. We manufacture some half a million pairs a year, and sell them under our own brand names: CICIBAN and THE NEXT.
00386 53984700
Tomaž Petejan
AHIL PLASTIKA podjetje za proizvodnjo izdelkov iz plastike, d.o.o.
Jama 10, 1234 MENGEŠ
Injection of plastic parts for car industry, cosmetic industry, and electronic industry. Development of parts geometry, tool design, measurements in preparation of PPAP documentation.
00386 15626337
00386 41600454
Aleš Hudoklin
AJA-LINA, d.o.o.
Koroška cesta 65, 3320 VELENJE
Here is some information about our company Aja-Lina. Aja-Lina Ltd. is a company with more than 30 years of tradition in manufacturing soft play toys and didactic. Our products and materials meet all required quality standards. We can also develop and produce items according to your plans, desires, materials, also ...
AJM OKNA-VRATA-SENČILA podjetje za proizvodnjo stavbnega pohištva, storitve, trgovino in zunanjo trgovino d.o.o.
Kozjak nad Pesnico 2A, 2211 PESNICA PRI MARIBORU
The company AJM d.o.o. was established in the second half of 1990. AJM is a manufacturer and fitter of energy-efficient builders' joinery made from PVC, aluminium and wood. Furthermore, we are continuously investing in the development of new and the improvement on existing products. AJM is a family enterprise run by t...
00386 26550400
00386 26554381
Trivo Krempl
AKRIPOL, d.o.o.
Prijateljeva cesta 11, 8210 TREBNJE
Production and processing of polymers, cast acrylic sheets, acrylic resins, acrylic glues, solid surface sheets, cast polyamides and engeneering plastics, skylights, skywindows, light domes and light bands, thermoforming of thermoplastic.
00386 73481600
00386 73481626
Emir Šoštarec
AKROBAT proizvodnja športne opreme, d.o.o.
Črmošnjice pri Stopičah 5B, 8000 NOVO MESTO
AKROBAT is specialized in production of Trampolines and Trampoline parks. High quality products are the result of our R&D.
00386 40433445
00386 73080060
Continuous development and investment, the company has established themselves among the most advanced technology companies in the processing of composite materials in Slovenia. Today we are an exclusive supplier of aircraft parts afor Company Pipistrel Ltd. (SI) and Jonker Sailplanes Ltd. (SA)
00386 41668761
00386 45307878
Jožica Režonja
ALISA perilo
Žabnica 4, 4209 ŽABNICA
We manufactured maternity underwear, breastfeeding bras, medical devices, ostomy underwear, post-operative bras, incontinence underwear
00386 42314400
Alenka Stopar
ALPINA, tovarna obutve, d.o.o.
Strojarska ulica 2, 4226 ŽIRI
Based in Slovenia, in a pristine natural environment surrounded by forests, ALPINA is a brand name that guarantees high-quality craftsmanship, unconventional solutions, and functional design. Among its many product ranges, ALPINA is globally best known as the first choice of Olympic and World Cup winners in cross-count...
00386 45158000
ALPO d.o.o.
Mislinjska Dobrava 69, 2382 MISLINJA
The company ALPO d.o.o. was founded in 1992. It was developed from a small workshop which origins date back to 1978. The main activity is processing plastic materials and mounting assemblies. Founder and owner is Alojzij Potočnik,who led the company until 2006. After his retirement, company led procurator Gregor Crep a...
00386 28857544
00386 31638627
Gregor Črep
APLAST proizvodnja in trgovina d.o.o.
Ložnica pri Žalcu 37, 3310 ŽALEC

We are one of Europe’s leading companies in remolding plastic materials (rotomolding).
Our dedication to developing high-quality products that meet the highest quality, safety, and efficiency standards ensures our market recognition and success. As a flexible and innovative development partner, we ...
00386 37131420
00386 37132450
ART-GLAS, podjetje za proizvodnjo in predelavo stekla, d.o.o., Rodik 72, Kozina
Rodik 72, 6240 KOZINA
ART – GLAS was founded in 1992 as the maker of various decorative products of borosilicate glass. We gradually expanded and supplemented the produce programme. In the last years we have been focusing mainly on the production of lighting products. We produce various kinds of lamps, especially for the Italian market.
00386 56802077
00386 70261010
Iztok Resinovič
ATOTECH SLOVENIJA, proizvodnja kemičnih izdelkov, d.d.
Podnart 43, 4244 PODNART
Processes for General Metal Finishing and Printed Circuit boards - equipment and chemical preparations.
00386 45376000
00386 45376017
Baredi 5, 6310 IZOLA - ISOLA
Water pump,oil pump,power steering pump,belt tensioners idler pulleys manufacturer for passenger car,trucks,tractors and marine engines .We manufacture oil pumps,power steering pumps,water pumps and belt tensioners for vehicles(passenger cars,trucks, tractors and marine engines), fuel pumps for vehicles, distributor co...
00386 41733125
00386 56421630
AIKON - Advanced Skin Therapy
Gora pri Pečah 10, 1252 VAČE
AIKON is a European brand that implements its slogan “Advanced Skin Therapy” through an effective and comprehensive solution to skin problems, focusing on preventing premature aging. Aikon's holistic approach is personally tailored and as such
counterbalances "one size fits all" solutions.

00386 40291976
00386 40801808
Miloš Krajnc
BELINKA PERKEMIJA kemična industrija, d.o.o.
Zasavska cesta 95, 1231 LJUBLJANA - ČRNUČE
Belinka Perkemija, Ltd. is one of the largest producers of peroxide compounds in Central Europe. Its primary products are hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), sodium perborate tetrahydrate, sodium perborate monohydrate and peracetic acid (Persan-S). Apart from these, the industrial gas carbon dioxide (CO2) is a by-product in the ...
00386 15886299
00386 15886350
Alpska cesta 43, 4248 LESCE
Our company was established in 1997. We are small, flexible company with all kind of
experience on different segments. We do about app. 400.000 € turnover with four employees. We are dealing with production and trading. We are adaptable to the needs of the client, we respond quickly, we stick to deadlines.
00386 41718662

BETI Tekstilna industrija d.d.
Tovarniška cesta 2, 8330 METLIKA
Beti d.d is one of the leading European manufacturers of dyed polyamide yarns. More than 90% of sales created by exports on the markets of USA, EU Russia and the Middle East. Certificates ISO 9001,  OEKO-TEX Class 1 and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) are a confirmation for the quality of our processes and products...
00386 73638100
Anton Štrucelj
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