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Alples d.d.
Češnjica 48A, 4228 ŽELEZNIKI
Alples is Slovenian leading manufacturer of functional board-based, ready to assemble furniture. Alples offers a board range of furniture for all household purposes except bathrooms.
00386 45118144
00386 45118108
Veljko Gortnar
ALPREM OPREMA proizvodnja in storitve, d.o.o.
Ljubljanska cesta 15, 1241 KAMNIK
Production and montage of store equipment and manufacture of wire products.
00386 18313948
Mojca Greblo
BELES d.o.o.
Laze 26, 8323 URŠNA SELA
Company BELES d.o.o. operates in the market of primary wood processing for more than 15 years. The company take care of the entire process of wood processing, that is, from the log to the semi-finished product.
00386 31745833
00386 73066706
Matic Žagar
Dolina 16, 9201 PUCONCI
Company was founded in 2006 and is privately owned. We are dealing with the production of biomass, buying and selling, logging and timber harvesting.
00386 41237251
00386 25451148
Mihael Jakoša
Gojače 5C, 5262 ČRNIČE
The company comes from a long family tradition of processing and the sale of wood, which dates back to the beginnings of the 20th century. It was founded in 1989 as a company for the manufacture of wooden packaging. Around 1995, we abandoned the manufacture of wooden packaging materials and redirect to the manufacture ...
00386 53644050
00386 53644051
Luka Pirjevec
Šentlenart 68, 2382 MISLINJA

The basic activity of our company is the production of semi-finished products, namely window glues made of different types of wood.
00386 41 770 489
Janko Kovač, Martin Kovač
EGOLES d.o.o.
Kidričeva cesta 56, 4220 ŠKOFJA LOKA
We are known for a well-designed and aesthetically sophisticated products that boast the higher quality, what confirm obtained certificates of various domestic and foreign institutions that are responsible for checking the quality .
00386 45111350
00386 45111319
Darko Ilar
Jurka vas 38, 8351 STRAŽA PRI NOVEM MESTU
Production of semi-wooden products for furnitures and our own brand mark called Breka (collection of home wooden accessories).
00386 73084860
00386 73084861
Urška Bukovec
Stegne 27, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Business line Gasper family business involves processing of wood, making semi-manufacture of wood and building furniture. These are high-quality windows and entrance doors made of different materials.
00386 28879850
00386 28879870
Jurij Gašper
GONZAGA-PRO D.O.O. proizdodnja, trgovina,inžinering
Sedejeva ulica 2A, 5000 NOVA GORICA
We produce and sale furniture and equipment for offices and also for kindergartens, schools and libraries, also hotels.
00386 53303180
00386 53303189
Iztok Bizjak
GOZDARSTVO GRČA gozdna proizvodnja, razrez lesa in trgovina, d.d.
Novomeška cesta 7, 1330 KOČEVJE
Gozdarstvo Grča is a joint-stock company, which deals with forestry production, cutting of wood and wood trade.
00386 18930684
00386 18951991

Stojan Rovan
Fužina 12A, 1303 ZAGRADEC
Hoja oblazinjeno pohištvo d.o.o. is a family business producing a variety of custom made upholstered furniture. Company makes a range of different furniture including sofas, armchairs, beds and couches and accessories for upholstered furniture. In addition to our regular assortment, we also make upholstered dining s...
00386 17886201
00386 51310701
00386 17886246
Borut Kralj
HOJA ŽAGA ROB podjetje za predelavo lesa, d.o.o.
Rob 25, 1314 ROB
In the company HOJA ŽAGA ROB d.o.o. we specialize in the wood industry and have been operating successfully in this field for a long time. In our company we offer: sawing and cutting of logs, cutting of wood
00386 17881970
00386 17881971

Boštjan Logar
I-LES ISKRA d.o.o.
Gornji Ajdovec 15, 8361 DVOR
Our company currently has two production sites - one in Gornji Ajdovec and another in Loška vas.
Production of our three-layer panels is a two stage process. The first stage of wood processing takes place in Loška vas, where our own sawmill ensures us the independence from the changes and fluctuations in the market ...
00386 40201144
Marko Pečjak
INLES Proizvodnja, trženje in inženiring, d.d. Kolodvorska 22, Ribnica
Kolodvorska ulica 22, 1310 RIBNICA
Research, development, production and sale of builders' joinery products of high functional and quality level - windows, shutters, room and entry doors, shadings. Business operation is carried out based on the system of one-off production, for a known buyer, on the basis of product order or specification for equipment ...
00386 18377100
00386 18377103
00386 18377333
Andrej Mate
INOTHERM d.o.o., proizvodno in trgovsko podjetje Prev.v nem: INOTHERM GmbH Produktion und Vertrieb
Prigorica 98, 1331 DOLENJA VAS
The company INOTHERM Ltd. with its registered seat in SLOVENIA is a fast-growing company, specialized in aluminium entrance doors production for family houses and terraced houses and also for small office buildings. As one of the leading European brands in this kind of industry, we use the latest technologies, precise ...
00386 18350725
00386 31668796
00386 18350756
Verica Šenk
INTERIO DESIGN, proizvodnja pohištva, d.o.o.
Poslovni Park Elma-Vhod B, Cesta 24 Junija 23, 1231 LJUBLJANA - ČRNUČE
Wholesale of furniture and home improvement items. Office Furniture, Home Office, Office Chairs, Nursery Rooms, Baby Furniture, Solid wood Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, Living Rooms, Garden Furniture, Outdoor and Seasonal items..
00386 15633461
00386 15633462
00386 15633463
Tomas Valenti
INTERTEAM, d.o.o. Kočevje
Mestni log IV 3, 1330 KOČEVJE
00386 18950744
00386 18950745
Tomaž Figar
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