Address:POTRČEVA CESTA 010, 2250 PTUJ
Contacts:00386 2/7490100 
00386 2/7490130 
00386 2/7490134 
Company management:Chairman of the board: dr. Roman Glaser, tel.: 00386 2 7490101, tel.: 00386 2 7490134,
Extract of management responsible for a company's business operations abroad:Kristina Petek,
Registration number:5141966
Tax number:54003121
Basic activity:Manufacturing
Organisational form:Joint Stock Company
Source of capital:Domestic
Inter-company connections:Subsidiary: Perutnina Ptuj - Pipo d.o.o., Rudolfa Steinera 7, 40000 Čakovec, Croatia (mag. Predrag Šegović, tel.: 0038540372888, fax: 0038540372880, e-mail:
Subsidiary: Perutnina Ptuj - Trn Laktaši d.o.o., Ulica Cara Dušana bb, 78252 Laktaši, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Subsidiary: PTUJSKA KLET D.O.O., VINARSKI TRG 001, 2250 PTUJ, Slovenia
Subsidiary: GRADBENI REMONT d.o.o., ŽNIDARIČEVO NABREŽJE 10, 2250 PTUJ, Slovenia (Igor Simonič, tel.: 027727931, e-mail: igor.simonč
Subsidiary: PERUTNINA PTUJ-BH d.o.o, POTKRAJSKA BB, 71370 Breza, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mladen Andrić, tel.: 0038732786101, e-mail:
Subsidiary: PP GOSTINSTVO d.o.o., DRAVSKA UL. 9, 2250 PTUJ, Slovenia
Subsidiary: PP S D.O.O. SRBAC, Pavelić bb, 78420 SRBAC, Bosnia and Herzegovina (TOMI RUMPF, tel.: 0038766117526, e-mail:
Subsidiary: PERUTNINA AUSTRIA GmbH, Haushamerstrass 1, 8054 SEIERSBERG, Austria (Mitja Kores, tel.: 051333921, e-mail:
Subsidiary: Perutnina Ptuj-Topiko AD, PETEFI BRIGADE 2, 24300 Bačka Topola, Serbia
Subsidiary: PERUTNINA ROMANIA S.R.L., 13,DECEMBRIE 96, 500164 , Romania (Forin Lupu, tel.: 0040 720 808 008, fax: 0040 368 005 001, e-mail:
Subsidiary: PERUTNINA PTUJ DOOEL SKOPJE, UL.BELASICA ŠT. 2, 91000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Subsidiary: PP - AGRO d.o.o., Tržaška cesta 41 a, 2000 MARIBOR, Slovenia (Franc Veršič, tel.: 02 6544100, e-mail:
Number of employees:1175
Size of company:Large
Income:146,267,316.00 €
Exports share in income:38 %
Tradition since:1905
Total equity:100,143,252.00 €
Total assets:218,720,645.00 €
Companies trade marks:PERUTNINA PTUJ : Poultry meat, cuts, poultry sausages, frankfurters and pates
POLI: Chicken polonny sausages
JATA: Poultry meat, poultry sausages and pates
Representation of third party's trade marks and companies:
Representative bodies:Perutnina Ptuj - Pipo d.o.o. Rudolfa Steinera 7, 40000 Čakovec, Croatia (Mag. Predrag Šegović, tel.: 0038540390888, fax: 0038540372880, e-mail:
Perutnina Ptuj - Trn Laktaši d.o.o. Ulica Cara Dušana bb, 78252 Trn, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Svarun Udović, tel.: 0038751784506, fax: 0038751220241, e-mail:
PERUTNINA PTUJ-BH d.o.o. POTKRAJSKA BB, 71370 Breza, Bosnia and Herzegovina (MLADEN ANDRIĆ, tel.: 0038732557243, e-mail:
PP S D.O.O. SRBAC POVELIČ B.B., 78420 SRBAC, Bosnia and Herzegovina (TOMI RUMPF, tel.: 0038751757510, fax: 0038751757203, e-mail:
PERUTNINA AUSTRIA GmbH Haushamrstrasse 1, A-8054 SEIERSBERG, Austria (MITJA KORES, tel.: 051333 921, e-mail:
PERUTNINA ROMANIA S.r.l. 13,DECEMBRIE Nr. 96, 00000 Brasov, Romania (Florin-Catalin Lupu, tel.: 00000, fax: 000000, e-mail: florin.lupu@PERUTNINA.EU)
Perutnina Ptuj-Topiko AD PETEFI BRIGADE 2, 24300 Bačka Topola, Serbia (FRANC ČELAN, tel.: 00381 24 715 855, e-mail:
Extract of target regions and countries where a company exports:Austria
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Republic of Macedonia
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
Desired regions and countries of cooperations:Countries of former Soviet union, Middle east
Description of company:The company deals with trade and services, more specifically with raising poultry, production of feed, production of chicken meat, chicken sausages, chicken marinated and breaded products.
Description of products and services: - Chicken and turkey whole,
- chicken and turkey products.
Video presentation of company:-
Classification of company:
Main activity in accordance with the NACE classification
10.120 Processing and preserving of poultry meat
Activities in accordance with the CPA classification
01.47.14 Ducks and guinea fowls, live
01.47.13 Geese, live
01.47.12 Turkeys, live
01.47.11 Chickens, live
01.47.23 Eggs for hatching
01.47.22 Eggs from other poultry in shell, fresh
01.47.21 Hen eggs in shell, fresh
01.49.24 Edible products of farm animal origin n.e.c.
10.12.10 Meat of poultry, fresh or chilled
10.12.20 Meat of poultry, frozen
10.12.40 Edible offal of poultry
10.89.14 Extracts and juices of meat, fish and aquatic invertebrates
10.85.11 Prepared meals and dishes based on meat, meat offal or blood
10.13.14 Sausages and similar products of meat, offal or blood
10.13.15 Other prepared and preserved meat, meat offal or blood, except prepared meat and offal dishes
01.46.10 Swine, live
10.11.39 Other meat and edible offal, fresh, chilled or frozen
10.11.20 Edible offal of bovine animals, swine, sheep, goats, horses and other equines, fresh or chilled
10.11.50 Fats of bovine animals, sheep, goats or pigs
11.02.12 Wine of fresh grapes, except sparkling wine; grape must
10.32.15 Grape juice
10.32.14 Pineapple juice
10.32.12 Orange juice
10.32.13 Grapefruit juice
10.32.16 Apple juice
10.32.17 Mixtures of fruit and vegetable juices
10.32.11 Tomato juice
10.32.19 Other fruit and vegetable juices
10.91.10 Prepared feeds for farm animals, except lucerne meal and pellets
01.11.20 Maize
01.64.10 Seed processing services for propagation
01.11.11 Durum wheat
75.00.19 Other veterinary services
75.00.12 Veterinary services for livestock
Exported products in accordance with the HS classification
040700 Birds' eggs, in shell, fresh, preserved or cooked
020712 Meat and edible offal of fowls of the species gallus domesti., not cut in pieces, frozen
020727 Meat and edible offal of turkeys,cuts and offal,frozen
050400 Guts, bladders, stomachs of animals (other than fish)
482110 Paper or paperboard labels, printed
160100 Sausages and similar products of meat
020714 Meat and edible offal of fowls of the species gallus domesti., cuts and offal, frozen
020726 Meat and edible offal of turkeys,cuts and offal, fresh or chilled
842240 Other packing or wrapping machinery
160232 Meat offal or blood of fowls of the species gallus domesticus
020713 Meat and edible offal of fowls of the species gallus domesti., cuts and offal, fresh or chilled
020711 Meat and edible offal of fowls of the species gallus domesti., not cut in pieces,fresh or chilled
230990 Other preparations of a kind used in animal feeding
291811 Lactic acid,its salts and esters
210390 Other mixtures of spices
- EU export licence,
- The largest producer and exporter in meat industry,
- Winner of several quality awards at international competitions,
- ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, HACCP, BRC, IFS, McD Standard, gluten free and HALAL Certificate,
- Products made of 100% poultry meat.
Certificates:ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
Additional information:
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Last data update: Jul 1, 2014