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M - R PLUS d.o.o.

Company: M - R PLUS d.o.o.
Address: Setnikarjeva ulica 11, 1000 LJUBLJANA

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Municipality: Ljubljana
Region: Central Slovenia (Osrednjeslovenska)
Contacts: 00386 41376463
00386 41646377
Company management: Procurator: Mateja Jamnik, tel.: 00386 41646377,
Procurator: Marko Jamnik
Director: Maruška Jamnik
Extract of management responsible for a company's business operations abroad: Mateja Jamnik,
Registration number: 6028730
Tax number: 36893668
Organisational form: Limited Liability Company
Source of capital: Domestic
Number of employees: 4
Size of company: Micro
Income: 360.060,00 €
Exports share in income: 14,00 %
Tradition since: 2011
Total equity: 17.716,00 €
Total assets: 148.167,00 €
Desired regions and countries of cooperations: Africa, Asia, Europe
Description of company: Drying in M-R dryers ensures a high quality of dried wood and thus a first step
towards the optimum utilization of wood material. With our
experience and our technology of drying wood, and with your creativity, a
beautiful, high-quality product will come out of wood.
We produce:
- Classical and condensational wood dryers
The entire drying process is carried out with automatic controller, which
allows the drying of 80 different types
of wood.
- Container wood dryers
- Equipment for wood thermal treatment ISPM15
- Wood steamers
- Dryer for fruit, vegetables and herbs
- Moisture meters
Description of products and services: The basic production program of the company is:
· Conventional wood dryers
· Condensational wood dryers
· Direct wood steamers
· Indirect wood steamers
· Controlers for wood drying process
· Mousture meters
· Dryers for fruit and vegetables
Classification of company:
Main activity in accordance with the NACE classification
28.990 Manufacture of oth. special machinery n.e.c.
Activities in accordance with the CPA classification
28.99.31 Dryers for wood, paper pulp, paper or paperboard; non-domestic dryers n.e.c.
Field of activity: Industrial manufacturing and materials
Information on the presentation card companies are obtained from surveys. Financial data are for the financial year 2023, last update 22.05.2024.
Last data update 03.07.2024.