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DON DON proizvodno in trgovsko podjetje d.o.o.

Company: DON DON proizvodno in trgovsko podjetje d.o.o.
Address: Gasilska cesta 2, 1290 GROSUPLJE

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Municipality: Grosuplje
Region: Central Slovenia (Osrednjeslovenska)
Contacts: 00386 17866900
Alenka Mozetič Zavrl
Company management: Director: Alenka Mozetič Zavrl, tel.: 00386 17866903,
Director: Boris Viktorovski
Extract of management responsible for a company's business operations abroad: Matic Kos,
Registration number: 5844550
Tax number: 72961074
Organisational form: Limited Liability Company
Source of capital: Domestic
Inter-company connections: Subsidiary: DON DON D.O.O., DONJOZELINSKA 179, 10382 , Croatia
Number of employees: 268
Size of company: Large
Income: 44.508.593,00 €
Exports share in income: 19,00 %
Tradition since: 1994
Total equity: 42.005.572,00 €
Total assets: 59.692.524,00 €
Companies trade marks: TVOJIH 5 MINUT: Your 5 minutes.
Pekarna Grosuplje: Baked pastries.
Extract of target regions and countries where a company exports: Croatia
Desired regions and countries of cooperations: European Union
Description of company: The company Don Don was established in 1994 and developed a successful Slovenian brand "Tvojih 5 minut " (Your 5 minutes). In 2003 the company started its expansion to Croatia, in 2008 to Serbia. Since 2015 brand Pekarna Grosuplje is a part Don Don group.
We combine tradition and the future- traditional recipes and procedures with modern trends in nutrition. To justify our customers trust, we regularly follow global baking trends and use it as a source of inspiration in the development of new products and services. Each year we invest in new plants and equipment to keep the step with European and world producers.
Description of products and services: The main products of the company are daily fresh bread and pastry, fine and fried cakes, sandwiches, and program products, frozen products and products for the final baking at the point of sale.
Classification of company:
Main activity in accordance with the NACE classification
10.710 Manufacture of bread; fresh pastry goods
Activities in accordance with the CPA classification
10.71.12 Fresh pastry goods and cakes
10.71.11 Fresh bread
Exported products in accordance with the HS classification
843880 Other machinery, for industrial preparation, of food, drink
841790 Parts, for industrial, laboratory furnaces, ovens, non-electric
392321 Sacks and bags, of polymers of ethylene
392690 Other articles of plastics
847141 Other digital automatic data processing machines, comprising a central processing unit
761519 Table, kitchen or other household articles and parts thereof, of aluminium, other
843850 Machinery for the preparation of meat or poultry
151710 Margarine,excluding liquid margarine, edible
491191 Pictures, designs and photographs
190120 Mixes, doughs for the preparation of bakers' wares
151620 Vegetable fats and oils and their fractions
730830 Doors, windows, their frames, thresholds for doors, of iron, steel
071140 Cucumbers and gherkins, provisionally preserved
210690 Other food preparations not elswhere specified or included
392329 Sacks and bags, of other plastics
120799 Other seeds and fruits, whether or not broken
481910 Cartons, boxes and cases, of corrugated paper or paperboard
691200 Ceramic tableware, kitchenware, toilet arti., not of porcelain
200799 Other jams, jellies, whether or not containing added sugar
180620 Other preparations in blocks or slabs weighing more than 2 kg
151790 Other edible mixtures of animal and vegetable fats and oils
392020 Plates, sheets, non-cellular, of polymers of propylene
841850 Refrigerating, freezing display counters, show-cases, like
841989 Other machinery, plants, for treatment of materials
481920 Folding cartons, boxes and cases, of non-corrugated paper
482110 Paper or paperboard labels, printed
730890 Other structures, parts of structu., of iron, steel
490110 Printed books, in single sheets, whether or not folded
170230 Glucose, glucose syrup, not containing 20% fructose
441900 Tableware and kitchenware, of wood
940320 Other metal furniture
170490 Other sugar products
292310 Quaternary ammonium,choline and its salts
732620 Articles, of iron or steel wire
731010 Reservoirs, tanks, similar contai., of iron, steel, cap.50l more
071190 Other vegetables;mixtures of vegetables, provisionally preseve
Field of activity: Agriculture
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