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GTG plin d.o.o.

Company: GTG plin d.o.o.
Address: Bukovžlak 65B, 3000 CELJE

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Municipality: Celje
Region: Savinjska region
Contacts: 00386 34260760
00386 34260777
Jana Lovše
Company management: Director: Jana Lovše
Procurator: Matjaž Avsec
Procurator: Željko Bjelan
Registration number: 5654688
Tax number: 42263000
Organisational form: Limited Liability Company
Source of capital: Domestic
Inter-company connections: Subsidiary: GTG plin d.o.o., Kalinovac 2/a, 47000 Karlovac, Croatia (, tel.: +385 (0)47 609 200, fax: +385 (0)47 651 639, e-mail:
Subsidiary: GTG plin d.o.o., Željezarska b.b., PP 38, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (, tel.: +387 (0)32 449 449, fax: +387 (0)32 449 447, e-mail:
Number of employees: 40
Size of company: Medium-sized
Income: 21.657.686,00 €
Exports share in income: 13,00 %
Tradition since: 1992
Total equity: 18.024.085,00 €
Total assets: 21.627.169,00 €
Extract of target regions and countries where a company exports: Croatia: 71 %
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 29 %
Description of company: Sales and distribution of technical gases, services in the field of process engineering, installation of liquefied gas tanks and installations.
Description of products and services: Exclusive seller for LINDE AG.
GTG gas has a wide range of products that can help you with your work.
Industrial gases can be supplied to customers in a variety of ways, including cylinders.
Enjoy the benefits of GTG gas services.
Health and safety
When it comes to health and safety or the environment, our goal is to set an example.
Classification of company:
Main activity in accordance with the NACE classification
20.110 Manufacture of industrial gases
Activities in accordance with the CPA classification
20.11.11 Hydrogen, argon, rare gases, nitrogen and oxygen
20.11.12 Carbon dioxide and other inorganic oxygen compounds of non-metals
20.11.13 Liquid air and compressed air
20.11.99 Sub-contracted operations as part of manufacturing of industrial gases
Exported products in accordance with the HS classification
280421 Argon
280440 Oxygen
280430 Nitrogen
281121 Carbon dioxide
280410 Hydrogen
280429 Other gases,rare
281410 Anhydrous ammonia
271112 Propane,liquefied
271113 Butanes,liquefied
281123 Sulphur dioxide
382490 Other residual products of the cemical or allied industries vii plastics thereof; rubber and articles
271119 Other petroleum gases,liquefied
290110 Acyclic hydrocarbons,saturated
290121 Ethylene
290122 Propene (propylene)
290129 Other acyclic hydrocarbons
Certificates: ISO 9002
ISO 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001:2007
Field of activity: Industrial manufacturing and materials
Chemical and Rubber
Healthcare and Medical Industry
Credit rating information:
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