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CHEMCOLOR Sevnica d.o.o.

Company: CHEMCOLOR Sevnica d.o.o.
Address: Dolnje Brezovo 35, 8283 BLANCA

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Municipality: Sevnica
Region: Spodnjeposavska region
Contacts: 00386 78163550
Aljaž Vilčnik
Company management: Director: Aljaž Vilčnik, tel.: 00386 78163550,
Procurator: Alojz Vilčnik
Extract of management responsible for a company's business operations abroad: Aljaž Vilčnik,
Registration number: 5309115
Tax number: 24218359
Organisational form: Limited Liability Company
Source of capital: Domestic
Number of employees: 25
Size of company: Small
Income: 4.096.371,00 €
Exports share in income: 47,00 %
Tradition since: 1990
Total equity: 2.726.313,00 €
Total assets: 4.612.988,00 €
Companies trade marks: C-Guard: Complete protection of concrete floors and screeds
Representation of third party's trade marks and companies: Protectosil:
Berger :
MCU Coatings: Professional metal protection with moisture cured polyurethane paints
Extract of target regions and countries where a company exports: Croatia: 39 %
Spain: 37 %
Germany: 10 %
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 5 %
Kosovo: 5 %
Poland: 2 %
Serbia: 1 %
Slovakia: 1 %
Description of company: Chemcolor is a truly family company. It all started 35 years ago and today's second generation is fully integrated into the business. In our business we build long lasting and firm bridges among partners. This relationship we are integrating to our partnerships with customers and suppliers. We tend to be a big and happy family.
Small team and simple structure gives us possibility of
fast response times and easy decision making.
Full production and laboratory equipment means great
flexibility. We can serve you with l batches
done with precision and care you need and deserve.
We pay extra attention to your needs. Our offer does not end with our product portfolio. We listen to your needs and we already start with small quantities. We always seek for the best possible solution and price/quality ratio. We use our extensive laboratory equipment and knowledge for development and we work „hand in hand“ with institutes, universities and research labs of our suppliers.
We support our partners from idea to solution. We give education for end users, supervisors, architects, we are helping you with paperwork, we make liquid and solid samples, lab and field trials and we help in supervising the quality control for your important projects.
We trust in us and our solutions. But we always want to play safe and to bring utmost safety to our partners. This is why we only sell independently certified systems for protection of your products or property . We of course also yearly check our quality management and relationship towards environment in forms of ISO 9001 and 14001.
Description of products and services:
  • Production of coatings, lacquers and chemicals
  • Production of pigment pastes for solvent based coatings, transparent wood protection and plastics (liquid polymerization)
  • Cooperation with ICA lacquers and leach agents for furniture production
  • Cooperation with MCU COATINGS INTERNATIONAL in the area of ex-Yugoslavia
  • Cooperation with PROMAT fire retardant paints in the area of ex-Yugoslavia
  • Cooperation with PROTECTOSIL - EVONIK in the area of ex-Yugoslavia
Classification of company:
Main activity in accordance with the NACE classification
20.300 Manufacture of paints, similar coatings
Activities in accordance with the CPA classification
20.30.11 Paints and varnishes based on acrylic or vinyl polymers, in an aqueous medium
20.30.12 Paints and varnishes based on polyesters, acrylic or vinyl polymers, in a non-aqueous medium; solutions
Exported products in accordance with the HS classification
151519 Linseed oil, its fractions, refined, not chemically modified
320890 Paints based on synthetic polymers, chem. modified natur. poly
381400 Organic composite solvents, thinners, not elsewhere specified
320910 Paints, varni., based on acrylic, vinyl aqueous medium
381590 Other catalytic preparations
Certificates: ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
Field of activity: Industrial manufacturing and materials
Chemical and Rubber
Credit rating information:
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