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Address: Livada 1A, 8000 NOVO MESTO

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Municipality: Novo mesto
Region: Jugovzhodna region
Contacts: 00386 41627895
00386 73942912
Darko Zupančič
Company management: Director: DARKO ZUPANČIČ, tel.: 00386 73942916,
Procurator: Marija Zupančič
Extract of management responsible for a company's business operations abroad: Darko Zupančič,
Registration number: 2009501
Tax number: 96158352
Organisational form: Limited Liability Company
Source of capital: Domestic
Number of employees: 49
Size of company: Medium-sized
Income: 14.523.251,00 €
Exports share in income: 58,00 %
Tradition since: 2004
Total equity: 6.145.469,00 €
Total assets: 9.527.304,00 €
Representation of third party's trade marks and companies: Lohr : Authorised service point for Lohr trailers.
Kässbohrer: Authorised service point for Kässbohrer trailers.
Rolfo: Authorised service point for Rolfo.
Extract of target regions and countries where a company exports: Belgium
Description of company: We have our own garage, car wash for trucks, buses, campers and repairing workshop. Within the premises we also have a warehouse of new and used vehicles. With modern auto transporters we transport new and used cars, caravans and motorhomes. Two freight vehicles are specialized in carriage of goods vehicles, tractors, etc.. Services are performed throughout Europe and the countries of former Yugoslavia.
Description of products and services: - Transport of cars,
- transport of caravans, 
- transportation of mobile homes, 
- transport of trucks and tractors with specialized vehicles,
- auto repair workshop, 
- vulcanization workshop,
- storage of new and used vehicles,
- car wash for trucks, buses and campers.
Classification of company:
Main activity in accordance with the NACE classification
49.410 Freight transport by road
Activities in accordance with the CPA classification
49.41.19 Other road transport services of freight
45.20.30 Car-washing, polishing and similar services
Exported products in accordance with the HS classification
870422 Motor vehicles for trans.of goods, with compress., g.v.w.excee.5t but not 20t
870431 Motor vehicles for transport of goods, with spark, g.v.w. not excee.5 t
871639 Other tanker trailers, tanker for transport of goods
Certificates: ISO 9001:2015
Field of activity: Transport and Logistics
Credit rating information:
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