ALPOD podjetje za trgovino in inženiring d.o.o.
Podskrajnik 112, 1380 CERKNICA
Alpod supplies and lays wood flooring and other easy-to-fit floor coverings.The company is the largest distributor of wood flooring in South East Europe. Apart from Slovenia, we supply flooring to partners in Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Koso...
00386 17071400
00386 17071402
00386 17071420
Matjaž Štefan
Cesta k Tamu 24, 2000 MARIBOR
International spedition, transport and logistic around the world.
00386 23201276
00386 23201278
00386 23201230
00386 23201273
Robert Pihlar
HELIOS sestavljeno podjetje za kapitalske naložbe in razvoj, d.o.o.
Količevo 2, 1230 DOMŽALE
Helios offers a wide range of coatings and solutions for various industries, professional users and end customers. Our service companies and production sites are located in 18 countries worldwide and we supply our products to more than 50.000 customers in over 60 countries across the world. Helios is a member of the KA...
00386 17224000
00386 17224040
Hubert Culik
Količevo 65, 1230 DOMŽALE
HELIOS TBLUS, d.o.o. is one of the leading manufacturers of paints and lacquers in this part of Europe. Our products are specially designed for professional and Do It Yourself users. Main productive programmes are: decorative paints, refinishing coatings, syntetic resins, metal coating, wood coatings, road ma...
00386 1 722 4000
00386 1722 4310
Mag. Roman Pirnat
Vojkovo nabrežje 38, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
Luka Koper provides all basic port - terminal activities and a range of additional services on goods. The entire port area has a status of a Free Trade Zone.
00386 5 6656 100
00386 5 6656 560
Dimitrij Zadel
Pomurski sejem d.d.
Cesta na Stadion 2, 9250 GORNJA RADGONA
Pomurski sejem is organizer of international fairs and exhibitions and quallity assessments.Pomurski Sejem in Gornja Radgona, with its unique geographical position at the meeting point of four countries and its business-oriented fairs and product assessments, brings together the elements of market supply and demand acr...
00386 25642100
00386 25642116
00386 25642160
Janez Erjavec
Trimo, arhitekturne rešitve, d.o.o.
Prijateljeva cesta 12, 8210 TREBNJE
Trimo is creating highly efficient, sustainable and attractive architectural wall and roof systems. Trimo believes in high quality, simple, safe, and tailor-made solutions that meet its clients' most varied needs.
00386 73460200
00386 73460319
00386 73460107
00386 73460127
Božo Černila
TSGE d.o.o.
Ljubljanska cesta 110, 1230 DOMŽALE
The company is engaged in the preparation of documents for the registration procedures of hazardous chemicals (plant protection, biocides, cosmetics, industrial chemicals)
00386 17297183
00386 17297184
Bojana Zgonec
Tržaška cesta 515, 1351 BREZOVICA PRI LJUBLJANI
The principal activity of the financial houses UNIJA d.d. is the provision of external accounting, TAX consultancy , payroll. Unija's mobile offoce enables you to do business without having to carefully schedule every activity in advance. Simply do it on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop - anywhere, anytime. Today ou...
00386 13602000
00386 30603001
00386 13602040
Oliver Andrun
EUROPACIFIC, logistika d.o.o.
Ankaranska cesta 5, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
EuroPacific is a modern international logistics company with a tradition of organizing land, sea and air transports, using highly qualified staff.
00386 56626381
00386 56626382
00386 56626384
Rok Kobal
Gorenje gospodinjski aparati, d.d.
Partizanska cesta 12, 3320 VELENJE
Production, sale and service of electric domestic appliances and electrothermal devices.
00386 38991000
00386 38992800
Franjo Bobinac
KD Group, finančna družba, d.d.
Dunajska cesta 63, 1000 LJUBLJANA
The main business activity of the parent company KD Group d. d. the management of market and non-market investments and creating financial returns, consistent with the structure of the portfolio. The parent company also decides on all major strategic investments KD Group.

KD Group is one of the largest business ...
00386 1/5826700
00386 1/5184100
Aljoša Tomaž
KRKA, tovarna zdravil, d. d., Novo mesto
Šmarješka cesta 6, 8501
Krka is among top generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. Krka’s basic line of business is the production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products and animal health products. The company’s activities are supplemented by health resort and tourist services.
00386 73312111
00386 73321537
Jože Colarič
SANDOZ farmacevtska družba d.d.
Verovškova ulica 57, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Selling farmaceutical products. Sandoz prides itself on thinking differently. While developing and manufacturing high-quality affordable medicines is core to who we are and what we do, our mission is even greater: We endeavor to make these medicines available to everyone, everywhere.
00386 15802011
00386 15802792
00386 15682120
00386 15683517
Mirjam Šopar Urleb
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