ARHAR INŽENIRING Logatec, d.o.o.
Obrtniška ulica 11E, 1370 LOGATEC
Based on many years of experience in production, sales and engineering on the field of wood and furniture industry, was in 1998 accepted a decision for establishing company ARHAR ENGINEERING Logatec D.O.O.
The company actively participates in all major trade fairs in these areas.
Our goal is to offer the customer...
00386 31469109
Jakob Arhar
BOSIO I Industrial Furnace Solutions
Bukovžlak 109, 3000 CELJE
We have over 25 years of experience in the business area of heat treatment equipment and technology. We offer advanced solutions, characterized by high engineering and technology that ensure functionality, safety and convenience of the products. Slovenian based company with a strong commitment to internationalisation. ...
+386 3 780 25 10
+386 3 780 25 35
Hugo Bosio
Sora 21, 1215 MEDVODE
We are an innovative European family-owned company with 30 years of experience, specializing in the provision of integrated supply complete process systems or individual units and components for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing industries and biotechnology.
00386 13619730
00386 13619720
Igor Berce
CLEANGRAD, proizvodnja kovinskih konstrukcij in njihovih delov d.o.o.
Prešernova ulica 29, 9240 LJUTOMER
Cleangrad is a leading provider of clean rooms in Europe. In his field want based on high quality products and our services to become a leading company in the region. We are a company manufacturing and assembling metal construction for cleanroom application.
00386 25851600
00386 25851606
Jernej Zupančič
Comita razvoj, projektiranje, proizvodnja in inženiring d.d.
Ljubljanska cesta 24A, 4000 KRANJ
Comita d.d. is the leading provider in the field of technological system solutions in the areas of telecommunication networks, automation systems, energy-saving systems and integrated security solutions. We create our own system solutions and adjust them to the buyers’ specific needs. With innovative, economically and ...
00386 42812512
00386 42812525
00386 42812526
Janko Lončar
GOSTOL Tolminske Strojne Tovarne d.d.
Čiginj 63, 5220 TOLMIN
Production of wheel blasting machines, automated blasting solutions, air blastng machines and vibratory finishing machines.
00386 53801280
00386 53801290
Matej Koglot
Gorenje projekt, inženiring, d.o.o.
Pod hribom 55, 1000 LJUBLJANA
The company combines its own design skills and the development of their areas of activity, manufacture equipment in Burning, and with the support of implementing engineering co., a system of burning. The company must be flexible with lean organizational structure and with the possibility of rapid organizational change ...
00386 59013698
00386 59013699
Uroš Razdevšek
HELIOS sestavljeno podjetje za kapitalske naložbe in razvoj, d.o.o.
Količevo 2, 1230 DOMŽALE
Helios offers a wide range of coatings and solutions for various industries, professional users and end customers. Our service companies and production sites are located in 18 countries worldwide and we supply our products to more than 50.000 customers in over 60 countries across the world. Helios is a member of the KA...
00386 17224000
00386 17224040
David Kubala
Količevo 65, 1230 DOMŽALE
HELIOS TBLUS, d.o.o. is one of the leading manufacturers of paints and lacquers in this part of Europe. Our products are specially designed for professional and Do It Yourself users. Main productive programmes are: decorative paints, refinishing coatings, syntetic resins, metal coating, wood coatings, road ma...
00386 1 722 4000
00386 1722 4310
Mag. Roman Pirnat
ILIRIJA, razvoj, proizvodnja in trženje kozmetičnih izdelkov d.d., Ljubljana
Tržaška cesta 40, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Production, development and sales of cosmetic products. Ilirija, a company developing, manufacturing and marketing of cosmetic products in Lendavi opened the renovated manufacturing plant. The opening ceremony was held with the management company Ilirija Plc. and employees of the Group Ilirija.
00386 14709100
00386 14709150
00386 14709295
Danijel Petrovič Rozman
Iskratel, Telekomunikacijski sistemi, d.o.o., Kranj
Ljubljanska cesta 24A, 4000 KRANJ
Iskratel is a leading European InfoCommunications vendor and solution provider with 65 years of experience, own R&D and manufacturing, 800 employees and local presence in over 30 countries. We have built successful brands for communications solutions - SI2000 and SI3000. Our customers describe us as innovative and cust...
00386 42072000
00386 42072712
Željko Puljić
KOVINOPLASTIKA LOŽ industrija kovinskih in plastičnih izdelkov d.o.o.
Cesta 19. oktobra 57, 1386 STARI TRG PRI LOŽU
Kovinoplastika Lož d.o.o. is an international company with a longstanding tradition; its aim is to meet the customers' demand for functional quality products. The operations which are performed in accordance with the international certificates obtained, our knowledge and modern technologies, result in a successful perf...
00386 17095100
00386 17058466
Borut Flander
Verovškova ulica 57, 1526 Ljubljana
Lek, a Sandoz company, is one of the key pillars of the second-largest generic pharmaceutical company globally. Its role within Sandoz is to act as: a leading global development center for technologically demanding products and technologies; a key global manufacturing center for active pharma...
00386 15802111
00386 15683517
Zvonko Bogdanovski
PPG CEE, premazi, d.o.o.
Usnjarska ulica 4, 1230 DOMŽALE
We are a leading manufacturer of coatings in South Eastern Europe with approximately 2,500 employees in more than thirty companies in sixteen countries. We follow with our knowledge, experience and hard work our vision – to be ranked among the first ten leading producers of paints and lacquers in Europe. Besides busine...
00386 17224000
00386 17224730
00386 17224310
00386 17224740
Matjaž Škofic
S E P proizvodnja in storitve d.o.o.
Stari trg 2A, 8230 MOKRONOG
- Production of parts for washing of glass in cars, - Production of air pipes for air conditioning in cars, - Production of plastic parts for domestic appliances.
00386 73434460
00386 73434461
00386 73434462
Edmund Pal
TAJFUN PLANINA, proizvodnja strojev d.o.o.
Planina pri Sevnici 41A, 3225 PLANINA PRI SEVNICI
Company Tajfun Planina d.o.o. was founded in 1967. With sales network in more than 50 countries around the world, efficient service and after sales support we provide comprehensive solutions in the field of forestry machinery. Our primary products include Single and Double Drum Logging Winches, Firewood Processors, Mob...
00386 37464400
00386 37464423
00386 35791016
00386 35791241
Iztok Špan
TKK Proizvodnja kemičnih izdelkov Srpenica ob Soči d.d.
Srpenica 1, 5224 SRPENICA
TKK is a leading manufacturer in the area of the production of chemical admixtures for conctrete and mortar, polyurethane foam and sealants in Slovenia and SE Europe. In the future we aim to become one of 10 best manufacturers on the polyurethane foam market in Europe.
00386 53841300
00386 53841390
00386 53841391
Uroš Lozar
Trelleborg Slovenija, d.o.o.
Škofjeloška cesta 6, 4000 KRANJ
Since its foundation in 2002, Savatech continues its tradition of manufacturing rubber goods and tires, which started in Kranj in 1920. Savatech is highly export oriented. With its activity, which it updates, develops and rationalizes, it decisively contributes to the successful implementation of the Slovenian economy ...
00386 42066080
00386 42066149
00386 42066460
Lars E Olsson
AGEP, družba za trgovino, d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 134, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Agency with trading particular products of ranges of products N.E.C.
00386 14236490
00386 14234532

Matjaž Križaj
ENERGOPLAN gradbeno podjetje d.d., Ljubljana
Pod hribom 55, 1000 LJUBLJANA
We act as a full service provider in real estate development, engineering, architecture, construction, facility
management and sales.
00386 1/5816100
00386 1/5816195
00386 1/5816228
Oktavijan Ram
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