Frutarom Etol Tovarna arom in eteričnih olj d.o.o.
Škofja vas 39, 3211 ŠKOFJA VAS
ETOL 's core business is the production of flavourings and essential oils. Its products are used in the production of soft and alcoholic drinks, confectionery and dairy products, meat aromas, food dyes, cosmetic products and cleaning agents.
00386 34277100
00386 34277118
Zdenko Zanoški
KRKA, tovarna zdravil, d. d., Novo mesto
Šmarješka cesta 6, 8501
Krka is among top generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. Krka’s basic line of business is the production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products and animal health products. The company’s activities are supplemented by health resort and tourist services.
00386 73312111
00386 73321537
Jože Colarič
SANDOZ farmacevtska družba d.d.
Verovškova ulica 57, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Selling farmaceutical products. Sandoz prides itself on thinking differently. While developing and manufacturing high-quality affordable medicines is core to who we are and what we do, our mission is even greater: We endeavor to make these medicines available to everyone, everywhere.
00386 15802011
00386 15802792
00386 15682120
00386 15683517
Mirjam Šopar Urleb
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