CMC GROUP d.o.o. inženiring, svetovanje in zastopanje
IOC Zapolje I 10, 1370 LOGATEC
Engineering, installation, service and maintenance of measuring systems for control and reguation; engineering and installation of waterworks and heating applications; installation, service and maintenance of water and heat meters, gate, butterfly and automatic control valves; representation and foreign trade; sales an...
00386 17590800
00386 17590820
00386 17590801
Oliver Macinič
RUDIS poslovno združenje za inženiring in izgradnjo objektov d.o.o. Trbovlje
Trg revolucije 25B, 1420 TRBOVLJE
Rudis is the leading engineering company in Slovenia, specialized in contracting engineering in the field of energetics, ecology, industry and special technologies. This scope includes Thermo- and Hydro-Power Plants, Heating Plants, Combined Cool, Heat and Power (CCHP) Plants for combined generating of electrical energ...
00386 35612100
00386 35612140
Andrej Gorjup
Anhovo 14, 5210 DESKLE

Company Stubelj d.o.o. is a producer of diesel and gas electroaggregates, cogeneration plants, electroaggregates on dual fuel (diesel and gas) and electroaggregates driven by alternative sources of energy (bio-diesel, bio-gas). The production program includes electric power units from 30 - 3500 kVA. Annually we...
00386 53310330
00386 53310333
00386 53310349
Žarko Stubelj
FIBERNET, d.o.o., Ljubljana
Gmajnice 15, 1000 LJUBLJANA
- Optical comunications,
- computer networks,
- electric installation,
- SDMOm UPS MGE system for non stop charging,
- Solar systems.
00386 14205150
00386 14205160
Robert Dominič
GEN-I, trgovanje in prodaja električne energije, d.o.o.
Vrbina 17, 8270 KRŠKO
In Slovenia, the GEN-I is the largest supplier of electricity and the second largest provider of natural gas, which are marketed, in particular in the context of their own brands of Cheap electricity and Cheap gas. The Group has the second largest market share in Croatia, where under the brand Jeftina and small busines...
00386 15896400
00386 74881840
00386 15896429
00386 74881841
Dr. Robert Golob
INOL d.o.o.
Poljubinj 89F, 5220 TOLMIN
The company was established in 2000. We operate on the principle of cooperation, so that the parent company is only fitting and smoothing and making some strategic intermediates.
00386 53810043
00386 53810044
Matjaž Leban
INTEREUROPA, Globalni logistični servis, delniška družba
Vojkovo nabrežje 32, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
Business vision of Intereuropa Group is to be clearly recognisable as the leading provider of integral logistical services in Central and Southeastern Europe. The corporate motto is: 'From partial to an integral range of logistical services!'
The Intereuropa Group implements its mission by meeting the requirements f...
00386 56641000
00386 56641290
00386 56642673
Ernest Gortan
KRKA, tovarna zdravil, d. d., Novo mesto
Šmarješka cesta 6, 8501
Krka is among top generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. Krka’s basic line of business is the production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products and animal health products. The company’s activities are supplemented by health resort and tourist services.
00386 73312111
00386 73321537
Jože Colarič
SKUPINA PRVA d.d. Angleški prevod skrajšane firme: PRVA GROUP plc.
Fajfarjeva ulica 33, 1000 LJUBLJANA
First Group is an insurance holding company. It consists of five subsidiaries which operate in Southeastern Europe. Within a holding company operates one of life insurance, three pension companies and one company for marketing of insurance products . Holding's activity comprises the holding activities in the field of i...
00386 12345801
00386 14361215
Boštjan Škufca Zaveršek
TSE d.o.o., audio video inženiring, Ljubljana
Tržaška cesta 126, 1000 LJUBLJANA
The company is making progress towards integrated modern communication techologies supporting business, sales, promotions, information, education and many others. Architecture of systems is fully opened to all public networks but could be used as independent local network too.
00386 12425400
00386 14237190
Janez Medič
UNIOR d.d.
Kovaška cesta 10, 3214 ZREČE
Unior, Joint-Stock Company is one of the largest and most important Slovenian exporters. With its four production segments: forged parts, hand tools, machine tools and activities in tourism, the Company has been committed to high quality, high utilization of own capacities, to productivity extension as well as to eleva...
00386 37578100
00386 35762103
Branko Bračko
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