BLAŽIČ d.o.o.
Bravničarjeva ulica 18, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Blažič is a company specializing in the manufacture of edge-banding tapes and distribution of furniture industry material for furniture manufacturers. We have the largest selection of colours and décor in different thickness and width sizes. We stock tapes made of veneers produced from 50 different tree species, as wel...
00386 15199260
Mihael Blažič
Sora 21, 1215 MEDVODE
We are an innovative European family-owned company with 30 years of experience, specializing in the provision of integrated supply complete process systems or individual units and components for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing industries and biotechnology.
00386 13619730
00386 13619720
Igor Berce
CABLEX, podjetje za proizvodnjo, trženje in servisiranje elektrotehničnih izdelkov d.o.o.
Cesta Ste Marie aux Mines 9, 4290 TRŽIČ
CABLEX is system developer and supplier of cable harnesses, plastic and silicone products, custom mechanical assemblies and tools for manufacturers of electronic devices in the world. 
First company was established in 1989, in Slovenia. With greenfield investments, mergers and acquisitions CABLEX Group today o...
00386 45969100
00386 45969110
Boris Debelak
EURO PLUS d.o.o., Computer Engineering
Poslovna cona A 2, 4208 ŠENČUR
Established in 1993, NiceLabel is a leading global developer of label design software and label management systems that help companies of all sizes improve the quality, speed and efficiency of their labeling, while reducing cost.
With the help of our label management systems, organizations are able to digitally tran...
00386 42805000
00386 42331148
Matej Košmrlj
Sela pri Dolenjskih Toplicah 47, 8350 DOLENJSKE TOPLICE
Surface treatment technology, consulting, development, production, technical solutions, technical support, special projects, distribution on the sandblasting programme.
00386 73845100
00386 73845102
00386 73845115
Mojca Andolšek
HELIOS sestavljeno podjetje za kapitalske naložbe in razvoj, d.o.o.
Količevo 2, 1230 DOMŽALE
Helios offers a wide range of coatings and solutions for various industries, professional users and end customers. Our service companies and production sites are located in 18 countries worldwide and we supply our products to more than 50.000 customers in over 60 countries across the world. Helios is a member of the KA...
00386 17224000
00386 17224040
Hubert Culik
Količevo 65, 1230 DOMŽALE
HELIOS TBLUS, d.o.o. is one of the leading manufacturers of paints and lacquers in this part of Europe. Our products are specially designed for professional and Do It Yourself users. Main productive programmes are: decorative paints, refinishing coatings, syntetic resins, metal coating, wood coatings, road ma...
00386 1 722 4000
00386 1722 4310
Mag. Roman Pirnat
I.H.S. industrijski manipulacijski sistemi Krško d.o.o.
Cesta 4. julija 84D, 8270 KRŠKO
I.H.S. d.o.o. is a mechanical engineering company
offering complete tailor-made solutions in the field of packaging, conveying
and palletizing, espacially aimed at but not limited to the food and beverage
00386 74914100
00386 74914110
Tadej Buršič
INTEC TIV d.o.o.
Ljubljanska cesta 24A, 4000 KRANJ

Intectic manufactures high-quality PCB boards and continuously improves the products
according to high environmental standards.

We offer innovative solutions by setting new standards and by striving to reach new levels.
We are distinguished by knowledge, flexibility, productivity and investme...
00386 42808635
00386 42808610
Matjaž Levar
INTERIO DESIGN, proizvodnja pohištva, d.o.o.
Poslovni Park Elma-Vhod B, Cesta 24 Junija 23, 1231 LJUBLJANA - ČRNUČE
Wholesale of furniture and home improvement items. Office Furniture, Home Office, Office Chairs, Nursery Rooms, Baby Furniture, Solid wood Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, Living Rooms, Garden Furniture, Outdoor and Seasonal items..
00386 15633461
00386 15633462
00386 15633463
Tomas Valenti
ISKRAEMECO, merjenje in upravljanje energije, d.d.
Savska loka 4, 4000 KRANJ
Iskraemeco is one of the leading smart metering solution providers on a global scale. With electricity meters addressing diverse market demands, a variety of communication options, software for meter data management and comprehensive services we help energy companies shape the future of energy generation and management...
00386 42064000
00386 42064443
Luis Goncalves
iSYSTEM Labs d.o.o.
Brodišče 18, 1236 TRZIN
Company iSYSTEM Labs , Ltd. is over 20 years engaged in the development and manufacturing of development and testing tools for microprocessors and microcontrollers. Our sister company ISYSTEM AG, which is headquartered in Munich, Germany, is responsible for the marketing and sale of software development tools under the...
00386 15680660
00386 15680668
Janez Jarc
Skapinova ulica 23, 1000 LJUBLJANA
What we do
The trademark T00aleta combines the best Wash & Dry toilet seat manufacturers from all around the world. We strive for excellence; we are not interested in cheap or overestimated products. We have years of experience, we are more than just retailers, we offer complete technical support. We are selling...
00386 /40321920
00386 /40566382
Jaka Rogel, Jure Rogel
MAROVT proizvodno izvozno uvozno podjetje, d.o.o.
Stranice 55, 3206 STRANICE
Company’s core activity is production of forgings and turning parts. With many years experience we can offer you top quality products based on innovative methods and modern technology. The vision we follow is to become a key supplier in the automotive industry in the production of precision forged parts by providing o...
00386 37572100
00386 37572105
Tomaž Marovt
METREL merilna in regulacijska oprema d.d.
Ljubljanska cesta 77, 1354 HORJUL
Metrel was established in 1957 as a factory for the production of electrical measuring instruments and components for the domestic market and grew from there to become one of world’s leading manufacturers of measuring and testing equipment.
We are one of the few companies in our industry that develops and manufactur...
00386 17558200
00386 17549095
00386 17549226
Edvard Reven
Gmajna 55, 2380 SLOVENJ GRADEC
NIEROS® is a global manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel products, covering a
wide array of industrial facilities
and providing our clients with complete customer service and support.
Investing in the professional development of our people and the latest technology has r...
00386 28827100
00386 28827110
00386 28843806
00386 28844078
Denise Kramljak
PSD prevajalske storitve d.o.o.
Kvedrova cesta 5A, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Translation agency PSD is a dynamic team of translators, interpreters and expert associates.
00386 15416126
00386 31661661
00386 15416127
Dragan Šibanc
RUDIS poslovno združenje za inženiring in izgradnjo objektov d.o.o. Trbovlje
Trg revolucije 25B, 1420 TRBOVLJE
Rudis is the leading engineering company in Slovenia, specialized in contracting engineering in the field of energetics, ecology, industry and special technologies. This scope includes Thermo- and Hydro-Power Plants, Heating Plants, Combined Cool, Heat and Power (CCHP) Plants for combined generating of electrical energ...
00386 35612100
00386 35612140
Andrej Gorjup
SIBO G. d.o.o.
Kidričeva cesta 99, 4220 ŠKOFJA LOKA
Production of plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, production of plastic parts for electrical and automobile industry, production of medical devices, R&D and production of injection molding tools.
00386 45021200
00386 45021205
Boštjan Šifrar
SON d.o.o. Vinica
Ogulin 1a, 8344 VINICA
We have 25 years of experience in production of utility equipment. We manufacture and mount snow plows, brooms and spreaders and front hydraulics. We offer solutions adapted to specific requests of customers - we offer individual counseling and customized production, installation and service. Our strengths are in small...
00386 40691222
00386 73646011
00386 73646023
Roman Panjan
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