South Korea

AJM OKNA-VRATA-SENČILA podjetje za proizvodnjo stavbnega pohištva, storitve, trgovino in zunanjo trgovino d.o.o.
Kozjak nad Pesnico 2A, 2211 PESNICA PRI MARIBORU
The company AJM d.o.o. was established in the second half of 1990. AJM is a manufacturer and fitter of energy-efficient builders' joinery made from PVC, aluminium and wood. Furthermore, we are continuously investing in the development of new and the improvement on existing products. AJM is a family enterprise run by t...
00386 26550400
00386 26554381
00386 26550412
Trivo Krempl
ALPINA, tovarna obutve, d.o.o.
Strojarska ulica 2, 4226 ŽIRI
Based in Slovenia, in a pristine natural environment surrounded by forests, ALPINA is a brand name that guarantees high-quality craftsmanship, unconventional solutions, and functional design. Among its many product ranges, ALPINA is globally best known as the first choice of Olympic and World Cup winners in cross-count...
00386 45158000
00386 45158370
Podnart 43, 4244 PODNART
Processes for General Metal Finishing and Printed Circuit boards - equipment and chemical preparations.
00386 45376000
00386 45376017
00386 45331062
00386 45331526
Mariana Karla Rebernik
AVIO PARTNER, transport, špedicija in poslovne storitve, Marijana Mlinar s.p.
Zgornji Brnik 130E, 4210 BRNIK - AERODROM
We deliver best quality arrangement of air, sea and road transports that includes all necessary paperwork and services.
00386 51514077
00386 59945603
00386 42020118
Marijana Mlinar
BOSIO I Industrial Furnace Solutions
Bukovžlak 109, 3000 CELJE
We have over 25 years of experience in the business area of heat treatment equipment and technology. We offer advanced solutions, characterized by high engineering and technology that ensure functionality, safety and convenience of the products. Slovenian based company with a strong commitment to internationalisation. ...
+386 3 780 25 10
+386 3 780 25 35
Hugo Bosio
BOŽNAR čebelarstvo d.o.o.
Polhov Gradec 72, 1355 POLHOV GRADEC
Company has the experience of many years in the area of production and processing of bee products. Ingredients are provided also by external associates - beekeepers. In this way all sorts of honey produced in Slovenia are always available. We try hard to offer top products to the market. The way of presenting a product...
00386 13640020
00386 13640025
Amalija Božnar
CARGO-PARTNER, transport in logistika, d.o.o.
Zgornji Brnik 390, 4210 BRNIK - AERODROM
cargo-partner is a dynamically growing, midsized specialist for transportation and integrated logistics with particular strength in oversea’s solutions. Being a family owned company, our business model is based on personalized and global partnership with and for our clients. Local operational excellence, delivered by b...
Marežganskega upora 2, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
The Cimos Group is a highly acclaimed international supplier. By delivering technologically perfected, masterly designed and immaculately finished, ecologically friendly and energy efficient products bearing the brand of Cimos we help raise the quality of life.
00386 56658100
00386 56658419
Gino Berti
Ulica Jožeta Jame 12, 1210 LJUBLJANA - ŠENTVID
Converta Ltd is a debt collection company with more than 10 years experience in debt collection. We have successfully recovered thousands of bad debts, we have experiences in managing thousands of bad debts and managing over 800 compulsory settlement cases and disputes. We are also a proud member of Credit Services Ass...
00386 14323200
00386 59077086
00386 59077087
Matej Golob
DEWESOFT d.o.o. izdelava programske opreme in proizvodnja elektronskih komponent
Gabrsko 11A, 1420 TRBOVLJE
DEWESoft® is a total solution company. We manage our entire business process in-house. From hardware design, manufacturing and software development to sales, marketing and support.We positioned ourselves between global market leaders with innovative software and hardware solutions. We gained trust by keeping close rela...
00386 35625300
Andrej Orožen
DOMEL, Elektromotorji in gospodinjski aparati, d.o.o.
Otoki 21, 4228 ŽELEZNIKI
Domel is one of the leading developers and suppliers of electric motors for vacuum cleaners, DC motors, brushless motors and components.
00386 45117100
00386 45117106
Matjaž Čemažar
DONIT TESNIT, družba za proizvodnjo tesnilnih materialov, d.o.o.
Cesta komandanta Staneta 38, 1215 MEDVODE
Company DONIT TESNIT, d.o.o. is one of the leading producers of sealing products and solutions serving all major markets and industries globally.
The name DONIT® today enjoys an unparalleled reputation among the world’s leading producers of sealing materials. A well-established brand name, top quality (ISO 9001), ca...
00386 15823300
00386 15823206
Celovška cesta 492, 1210 LJUBLJANA - ŠENTVID
DPD Slovenia is part of the DPD network, which has become the leading provider of courier services in the European market over the past ten years. By delivering 4 million parcels a day, in more than 800 depots, in 230 countries, you can access all the leading business regions. DPD is an international network and global...
00386 15132300
00386 16008446
00386 15132306
00386 15132311
Igor Jakovljević
ELAN, proizvodnja športnih izdelkov, d.o.o.
Begunje na Gorenjskem 1, 4275 BEGUNJE NA GORENJSKEM
Elan group is the leading producer and supplier of sports and leisure time
activities equipment. We have been present in this market for over 70 years.
All Elan’s enterprises are devoted to technical development of products and
progressive design through innovative approach and advanced technology. A
00386 45351109
Jeffrey Tirman
ETI Elektroelement
Obrezija 5, 1411 IZLAKE
ETI Elektroelement d.d. Izlake is one of the world's leading providers of solutions for protection of residential, commercial and industrial installations, protection of renewable energy sources, electric power distribution and power electronics and semiconductors, as well as producing technical ceramic products, ...
00386 35657200
00386 35657570
00386 35673629
00386 35674077
Tomaž Berginc
Frikus špedicija d.o.o.
Vojkovo nabrežje 32, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
The company offers freight forwarding and logistics services.
00386 56300175
00386 56300176
INSTITUT JOŽEF STEFAN V angl.jeziku: Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Jamova cesta 39, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Research and experimental development on natural sciences and technology.
00386 14773900
00386 12519385
Jadran Lenarčič
IMPOL, industrija metalnih polizdelkov, d.o.o.
Partizanska ulica 38, 2310 SLOVENSKA BISTRICA
Our roots go as far as the year 1825. After the year 1950 the Company Impol decided to reconfigure its production and started to alter aluminium. Since then you can follow a very high rate of development of the company that became a leading provider of high quality aluminium products for a wide spector of users on very...
00386 2/8187521
00386 28453100
00386 28181219
Tanja Brkljačič
Instrumentation Technologies, d.o.o.
Velika pot 22, 5250 SOLKAN
Instrumentation Technologies, the high-tech company from Solkan, Slovenia, is a leading world supplier of beam stabilization processors for particle accelerators. Instrumentation Technologies' Libera brand products are used worldwide by scientists, who demand technological perfection and appreciate true human relations...
00386 53352600
00386 53352601
Elvis Janežič
INTERAGENT, pomorska agencija, družba z omejeno odgovornostjo INTERAGENT Shipping Agency, limited liability company
Vojkovo nabrežje 30, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
Performing shipping agency services such as: canvassing and booking of all kinds of liner cargo, chartering, brokerage, port vessels and cargo clearance, husbanding, organising bunker and other supplies.
00386 56641558
00386 56641602
00386 56641623
Mihovil Rameša
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