ALPINA, tovarna obutve, d.o.o.
Strojarska ulica 2, 4226 ŽIRI
Based in Slovenia, in a pristine natural environment surrounded by forests, ALPINA is a brand name that guarantees high-quality craftsmanship, unconventional solutions, and functional design. Among its many product ranges, ALPINA is globally best known as the first choice of Olympic and World Cup winners in cross-count...
00386 45158000
00386 45158370
AVTO G, tehnična keramika in rezervni deli d.o.o.
Šlandrova ulica 4, 1231 LJUBLJANA - ČRNUČE
The company deals with wholesale, transmission of technical ceramics raw materials and auto parts.
00386 12373510
00386 12373511
00386 12373514
Ibrahim Mujezinovič
BELINKA PERKEMIJA kemična industrija, d.o.o.
Zasavska cesta 95, 1231 LJUBLJANA - ČRNUČE
Belinka Perkemija, Ltd. is one of the largest producers of peroxide compounds in Central Europe. Its primary products are hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), sodium perborate tetrahydrate, sodium perborate monohydrate and peracetic acid (Persan-S). Apart from these, the industrial gas carbon dioxide (CO2) is a by-product in the ...
00386 15886299
00386 15886350
00386 15886263
France Stele
Savinjska cesta 30, 3331 NAZARJE
BSH is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Germany and Europe, and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide.
00386 38398222
Wolfram Von Ohain
DOMEL, Elektromotorji in gospodinjski aparati, d.o.o.
Otoki 21, 4228 ŽELEZNIKI
Domel is one of the leading developers and suppliers of electric motors for vacuum cleaners, DC motors, brushless motors and components.
00386 45117100
00386 45117106
Matjaž Čemažar
DONIT TESNIT, družba za proizvodnjo tesnilnih materialov, d.o.o.
Cesta komandanta Staneta 38, 1215 MEDVODE
Company DONIT TESNIT d.o.o. is one of the leading producers of sealing products and solutions serving all major markets and industries globally.
The name DONIT® today enjoys an unparalleled reputation among the world’s leading producers of sealing materials. A well-established brand name, top quality (ISO 9001), cat...
00386 15823300
00386 15823320
00386 15823206
Johan Maurice C De Sloovere
Celovška cesta 492, 1210 LJUBLJANA - ŠENTVID
DPD Slovenia is part of the DPD network, which has become the leading provider of courier services in the European market over the past ten years. By delivering 4 million parcels a day, in more than 800 depots, in 230 countries, you can access all the leading business regions. DPD is an international network and global...
00386 15132300
00386 16008446
00386 15132306
00386 15132311
Igor Jakovljević
EKI proizvodnja elektromehanskih komponent, d.o.o., Črnomelj
Majer 27, 8340 ČRNOMELJ
We are designers and manufacturers of various top performance electromechanical components for different household and industrial appliances. Our core product is electromagnetic valve. We strive to be an innovative, reliable and competitive partner to our customers, therefore we continuously invest in product and proce...
00386 73053162
00386 73053174
00386 73053109
Anja Järnberg
ELAN, proizvodnja športnih izdelkov, d.o.o.
Begunje na Gorenjskem 1, 4275 BEGUNJE NA GORENJSKEM
Elan group is the leading producer and supplier of sports and leisure time
activities equipment. We have been present in this market for over 70 years.
All Elan’s enterprises are devoted to technical development of products and
progressive design through innovative approach and advanced technology. A
00386 45351109
Jeffrey Tirman
ETI Elektroelement
Obrezija 5, 1411 IZLAKE
ETI Elektroelement d.d. Izlake is one of the world's leading providers of solutions for protection of residential, commercial and industrial installations, protection of renewable energy sources, electric power distribution and power electronics and semiconductors, as well as producing technical ceramic products, ...
00386 35657200
00386 35657570
00386 35673629
00386 35674077
Tomaž Berginc
Fluidmaster Predelava plastike d.o.o.
Industrijska cesta 2, 6230 POSTOJNA
The basic activity of Fluidmaster Ltd. is the development, manufacturing and marketing of thermoplastic products.
00386 57283700
00386 57283811
Aleksandar Bogunovich
Kidričeva ulica 24, 3000 CELJE
We are a company that deals with the acquisition and sale of sorting and packing lines, making the cold stores and service them.
00386 31329667
Gorazd Golob
Količevo 65, 1230 DOMŽALE
HELIOS TBLUS, d.o.o. is one of the leading manufacturers of paints and lacquers in this part of Europe. Our products are specially designed for professional and Do It Yourself users. Main productive programmes are: decorative paints, refinishing coatings, syntetic resins, metal coating, wood coatings, road ma...
00386 1 722 4000
00386 1722 4310
Mag. Roman Pirnat
HYB Proizvodnja hibridnih vezij d.o.o.
Levičnikova cesta 34, 8310 ŠENTJERNEJ
Development, production and sales of pressure sensors, transducers and medical devices. We have four decades of internationally recognized experience in the research and development of thick-film hybrid circuits, pressure sensors and electronics for various applications in medicine, industrial equipment and vehicles.
00386 73934800
00386 73934806
00386 73934849
Marcel Verstovšek
Iskra, elektro in elektronska industrija, d.o.o.
Stegne 21, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Iskra is a globally recognized provider of intelligent Industrial solutions and cutting-edge electrotechnical products. We are inspired by tradition. Enlightened by professional knowledge and motivated by know-how. With Iskra you will be able to improve existing applications and introduce new technologies in following ...
00386 15131000
00386 15131010
Dušan Sešok
ISKRAEMECO, merjenje in upravljanje energije, d.d.
Savska loka 4, 4000 KRANJ
Iskraemeco is one of the leading smart metering solution providers on a global scale. With electricity meters addressing diverse market demands, a variety of communication options, software for meter data management and comprehensive services we help energy companies shape the future of energy generation and management...
00386 42064000
00386 42064443
Luis Goncalves
00386 59093660
00386 59093666
Jadranko Erceg
Rovšnikova ulica 7, 1210 LJUBLJANA - ŠENTVID
Turboinštitut is an independent hydro institute, strategically located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where it offers complete services for hydro power plants. It also provides full pre-tender support for large hydro projects, assisting hydroelectric power plant owners to assure successful outcomes, as well as to gain efficie...
00386 15820100
00386 15820130
Franc Florjančič
Lajovic Tuba embalaža, d.o.o.
Verovškova ulica 66, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Production of aluminium packaging. Company's basic activity is production of aluminium packaging. We produce aluminium tubes. We design and develop packaging products and elaborate packaging systems for the needs of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industry.
00386 15636710
Janez Perčič
Verovškova ulica 57, 1526 Ljubljana
Lek, a Sandoz company, is one of the key pillars of the second-largest generic pharmaceutical company globally. Its role within Sandoz is to act as: a leading global development center for technologically demanding products and technologies; a key global manufacturing center for active pharma...
00386 15802111
00386 15683517
Zvonko Bogdanovski
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