ACOUSTIC PREFERENCE trgovina in proizvodnja akustičnih enot d.o.o.
Adamičeva ulica 41, 2000 MARIBOR
Manufacturing of Audio equipment, specialy High-End loudspeakers.
00386 24297146
00386 24297147
Marjan Tancer
ALPFRIGO d.o.o., družba za razvoj, projektiranje in proizvodnjo hladilnih naprav
Obrtna cona Logatec 11A, 1370 LOGATEC

Company for development and manufactur of :

- refrigeration equipment in the preparation and processing of food,

- lab.and  pharm. refrigerators,

- special refrigerators.

00386 40850022
00386 40850044
00386 17509538
00386 45150521
Uroš Nastran
ALPINA, tovarna obutve, d.o.o.
Strojarska ulica 2, 4226 ŽIRI
Based in Slovenia, in a pristine natural environment surrounded by forests, ALPINA is a brand name that guarantees high-quality craftsmanship, unconventional solutions, and functional design. Among its many product ranges, ALPINA is globally best known as the first choice of Olympic and World Cup winners in cross-count...
00386 45158000
00386 45158370
ALPOD podjetje za trgovino in inženiring d.o.o.
Podskrajnik 112, 1380 CERKNICA
Alpod supplies and lays wood flooring and other easy-to-fit floor coverings.The company is the largest distributor of wood flooring in South East Europe. Apart from Slovenia, we supply flooring to partners in Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Koso...
00386 17071400
00386 17071402
00386 17071420
Matjaž Štefan
The company Archa inzeniring is specialized in dealing with museum and depot equipment. Our range of expertise is altered by highly experienced connoisseur of museum equipment Mr. Wlodek Stopa, former Senior Designer and product manager at Design Department by Rothstein Vitrinen GmbH. Our mission is to fully understand...
00386 40820842
00386 53645311
Peter Čevnja
ASTEL d.o.o.
Dutovlje 138, 6221 DUTOVLJE
Development and manufacturing of CCTV equipment, wireless yacht control systems, GSM alarm and remote control, LED lighting for yachts, pools, parks and buildings.
00386 57310771
00386 57310772
00386 57310789
Zoran Tavčar
AVTO G, tehnična keramika in rezervni deli d.o.o.
Šlandrova ulica 4, 1231 LJUBLJANA - ČRNUČE
The company deals with wholesale, transmission of technical ceramics raw materials and auto parts.
00386 12373510
00386 12373511
00386 12373514
Ibrahim Mujezinovič
BARON INT. d.o.o.
Obrežje 4, 1433 RADEČE
The main activity of the company is the purchase and sale of food products - exclusively confectionery products 80% and non-food products - toys 20%. In addition to marketing these programs, the company is also a link between manufacturers and chains in the production of products under the trade mark of the trade chain...
00386 35680850
00386 35680851
00386 35680856
Iztok Iršič
BELEKTRON, svetovanje in trgovina, d.o.o.
Cvetkova ulica 25, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Belektron is a well-established trading company with its main focus on carbon emission allowances. Our company is on the market since 2008 and even though we are not located in one of the European financial centers and not being part of any larger banking or energy group, we have in the meantime become one of the large...
00386 16208854
00386 16208855
Jernej Kozlevčar
BINAL TRANSPORT storitve transporta in logistike d.o.o.
Parižlje 58, 3314 BRASLOVČE
The company BINAL is a reliable business partner which is able to provide all kinds of logistic services for you. In the shortest time possible, you will be delivered all kinds of cargo to wherever you need it in the world, including Europe, America, Asia, etc. The company cooperates with numerous reliable carriers, tr...
00386 37050633
00386 41665089
00386 37050635
Sabina Lenošek
BLUEMARINE pomorska družba, posredništvo in svetovanje, d.o.o.
Trg Brolo 2, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
Bluemarine Ltd. is a shipping company deeply involved in worldwide chartering and with special strength in coastal trade, with strong and close relations with many First Class Charterers and Owners from different European countries. With the advantage of long experience, highest shipping standards, professional educati...
00386 41337250
00386 56626555
00386 56626550
Borut Škabar
BONPET SY., d.o.o.
Pot Vitka Pavliča 9, 1430 HRASTNIK

when the fire breaks out, it is too late to think about how you could prevent it. The only right thing to do is, to be prepared all the time. And it is important how you are prepared. The hardest battles are exactly the ones fought against the fire, so it is necessary to invest into fire extinguish...
00386 35614720
00386 51630209
00386 35614722
Matej Škerbic
Velika pot 15, 5250 SOLKAN
Business Solutions, seven years ago founded company, is becoming a leader in business information systems.
00386 53384100
00386 53384101
Jernej Rehar
CABLEX-M podjetje za proizvodnjo, trženje in servisiranje elektrotehničnih izdelkov d.o.o.
Ob Meži 11, 2392 MEŽICA
CABLEX is system developer and supplier of cable harnesses,
plastic and silicone products, custom mechanical assemblies and tools for
manufacturers of electronic devices in the world.
First company was established in 1989, in Slovenia. With
greenfield investments, mergers and acquisitions CABLEX Group toda...
00386 28279000
00386 28279099
Samo Simetinger
Miren 227A, 5291 MIREN
Company CARMEC d.o.o. (ex-COMEC-EXIMUR) has been in business since 1990 distributing, selling and manufacturing professional equipment for automotive workshops and industry.As importers and wholesalers we represent worldwide well-known companies such as SERDI, BERCO, AZ, COMEC, PEG, ROBBI, TIERRA TECH, GOVONI, NEWEN, C...
+386 5 3054468
00386 41636651
00386 53954078
Samuel Uršič
CENTRALOG, pomorska agencija in logistika transporta d.o.o. Koper
Ferrarska ulica 30, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
Centralog Ltd. is a logistic service provider highly specialized in maritime transport services. We are one of the most important ship brokers in Southeast Europe.
00386 56106000
00386 56106034
00386 56106048
00386 56398264
Rok Štrukelj
CO CARINTIA podjetje za turizem in gostinstvo d.o.o.
Polje 10, 2391 PREVALJE
Tourist agency, In and Out-going tourism.                                                                               ...
00386 28240603
00386 28240604
Polona Pečnik
CREAplus, rešitve za varno poslovanje
Ukmarjeva ulica 6, 1000 LJUBLJANA
CREAplus is an international value-added distributor of IT security solutions, active across the countries of Central to South Eastern Europe, and a software development and services company. 
CREAplus strives to offer a portfolio of technically advanced and market leading IT security products & solutions w...
00386 51303991
00386 59074270
00386 14252789
Mitja Trampuž
CUBE d.o.o.
Meškova ulica 9, 2380 SLOVENJ GRADEC
With our sales program we would like to become a key partner in the provision of hygiene and safety in the manufacturing premises. Our sales program includes protective elements, wardrobe equipment, cleaning systems, hygiene and sanitation equipment.
00386 28845056
00386 40688450
00386 28845056
Boštjan Senica
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