AREX proizvodnja orodij, naprav in storitve d.o.o. Šentjernej

Company: AREX proizvodnja orodij, naprav in storitve d.o.o. Šentjernej
Address: Trubarjeva cesta 7, 8310 ŠENTJERNEJ

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Municipality: Šentjernej
Region: Jugovzhodna region
Contacts: 00386 73933450
00386 73933475
00386 73933451
Ivan Kralj
Company management: CEO: IVAN KRALJ, tel.: 00386 73933455,
Commercial manager: Vesna Vesel, tel.: 00386 73933450,
Extract of management responsible for a company's business operations abroad: Vesna Vesel ,
Registration number: 5383510
Tax number: 15413217
Basic activity: Manufacturing, Wholesale trading
Organisational form: Limited Liability Company
Source of capital: Foreign
Inter-company connections:
Number of employees: 112
Size of company: Medium-sized
Income: 16.970.301,00 €
Exports share in income: 77,00 %
Tradition since: 1990
Total equity: 13.676.302,00 €
Total assets: 26.019.250,00 €
Companies trade marks: SPECIALIST: Textile products for the civilian market
REX FIREARMS: Pistol, kal. 9 mm
Representation of third party's trade marks and companies: CQC LIMITED BARNSTAPLE: Load carrying equipment
FN HERSTAL: Weapons (different calibres)
Representative bodies:
Extract of target regions and countries where a company exports: Austria
Bosnia and Herzegovina
United Kingdom
Desired regions and countries of cooperations:
Description of company: Company is producer of various training ammunition for Law Enforcement (blank ammunition, Non-lethal ammunition), metal links, weapon parts and pistols. We offer also special production lines. 
Description of products and services:
 - plastic blank ammunition, 
 - drill ammunition, 
 - Non-lethal ammunition, 
 - links, 
 - weapon components, 
 - pistols, 
 - special production lines
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Classification of company:
Main activity in accordance with the NACE classification
25.732 Manufacture of other tools
Activities in accordance with the CPA classification
22.29.26 Fittings for furniture, coachwork or the like, of plastics; statuettes and other ornamental articles, of plastics
22.29.29 Other articles of plastics
25.62.10 Turning services of metal parts
25.99.29 Other articles of base metal n.e.c.
32.99.11 Safety headgear and other safety products
25.72.14 Hinges, mountings, fittings and similar articles, suitable for motor vehicles, doors, windows, furniture and the like, of base metal
Exported products in accordance with the HS classification
732690 Other articles, of iron or steel, not elsewhere specified
940120 Seats of a kind used for motor vehicles
950612 Ski-fastenings (ski-bindings)
731816 Nuts, of iron, steel
630790 Other made up articles
392350 Stoppers, lids, caps and other closures for the conveyance
392113 Plates, non-cellular, of polyurethanes
621133 Men's, boys' garments, not knitted, croch., of man-made fibres
391000 Silicones in primary forms
420292 Articles, with outer surface of plastic sheeting
761290 Other casks, drums, can boxes, of cap.not excee.300l, of alum.
940190 Parts, for seats
846693 Parts, accessories for machines of headings no. 8456 to 8461
731815 Other screws, bolts, whether or not with their nuts or washers
846249 Other punching, notching machines
842230 Machinery for filling, closing, capsuling, bottles, cans
580632 Narrow woven fabrics, of man-made fibres
848180 Other appliances, for pipes, boiler shells
761699 Other articles of aluminium, n.e.s.
820730 Tools for pressing, stamping or punching
847989 Other machines, having individual func., not elsewhere included
950619 Other ski equipment
732620 Articles, of iron or steel wire
392690 Other articles of plastics
848071 Moulds for rubber, plastic mat., injection, compression types
760719 Other foil, aluminium, of thickness not exceeding 0.2mm
420291 Other articles, with outer surface of leather
Certificates: ISO 9001:2015
Information on the presentation card companies are obtained from surveys. Financial data are for the financial year 2019, last update 30.06.2020.
Last data update 8/25/2020