Electrical & Electronics

Manufacture and Sales of Electro, Electronic and Optical Products, Manufacture of Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers, Power distribution facilities
ACOUSTIC PREFERENCE trgovina in proizvodnja akustičnih enot d.o.o.
Adamičeva ulica 41, 2000 MARIBOR
Manufacturing of Audio equipment, specialy High-End loudspeakers.
00386 24297146
00386 24297147
Marjan Tancer
AKA PCB d.o.o., projektiranje in proizvodnja, Lesce
Rožna dolina 54, 4248 LESCE
AKA PCB d.o.o., Lesce, located in the center of Europe, has been producing printed circuit boards since 1965. The company supplies mainly to manufacturers of automotive electronics, lightning technique, household appliances, telecommunications and other electronic products on domestic and international markets. AKA PCB...
00386 45378700
00386 45378711
00386 45738720
Vesna Čufer
ARCH proizvodno, trgovsko in storitveno podjetje d.o.o. Raka
Raka 35, 8274 RAKA
Production of plastic parts - injection moulding, manufacture of cables and accessories.
00386 78146470
00386 78146472
00386 78146471
Franček Pintarič
ASTEL d.o.o.
Dutovlje 138, 6221 DUTOVLJE
Development and manufacturing of CCTV equipment, wireless yacht control systems, GSM alarm and remote control, LED lighting for yachts, pools, parks and buildings.
00386 57310771
00386 57310772
00386 57310789
Zoran Tavčar
Balder, optoelektronski in merilni sistemi, d.o.o.
Teslova ulica 30, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Balder, Optoelectronic Elements and Measuring Systems was established in 1997 as a 'Spin off' company of the 'Jožef Stefan' Institute and operates within the framework of the Ljubljana Technology Park.

The company is specialized in production and research & development of elec...
00386 14264579
00386 14264582
Bojan Marin
BEVEC d.o.o.
Podbevškova ulica 36, 8000 NOVO MESTO
Bevec d.o.o. was established in 1999 as a private family owned company. We developed our cable trays, cable ledders and distribution cabinets. Our products are continuously improved with new solutions by investing significantly into research and development. We have our own computerized sheet metal shaping line and pow...
00386 73932606
Igor Gomilšek
BIA d.o.o. Ljubljana
Teslova ulica 30, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Laboratory consumables and instruments for analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology. Development of customized hardware and software solutions for laboratories.
00386 14264588
00386 14264591
Rok Štravs
BISOL Proizvodnja, proizvodnja, razvoj, inženiring in svetovanje, d.o.o.
Latkova vas 59A, 3312 PREBOLD
BISOL Proizvodnja is a European manufacturer of premium photovoltaic modules running its international operations from offices in Slovenia, Belgium, Italy and United Kingdom. Our vision is to create a greener environme...
00386 37032250
00386 37032263
Uroš Merc
MITRA - Boršič k.d.
Ankaranska cesta 7, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
Boršič K.D. is a company that deals with graphic activities, construction and trade! We produce advertising banners, roadside signs, illuminated signs, signs for marking spaces.
00386 56300024
00386 56300025

Miran Boršič
Savinjska cesta 30, 3331 NAZARJE
BSH is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Germany and Europe, and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide.
00386 38398222
Wolfram Von Ohain
BURGAR-TEH proizvodnja elektronike d.o.o.
Jama 11, 1234 MENGEŠ
Manufactoring of transformers and wired components.
00386 17228894
00386 17296989
00386 59932859
Tomaž Burgar
CYBROTECH oprema in sistemi za avtomatizacijo d.o.o.
Arja vas 19, 3301 PETROVČE
Cybrotech Ltd. develops a complete building and industry automation solutions. Cybrotech with the wide distributor network brings to the customer added value in technology, design and comfort.
00386 37131940
00386 35707500
Jurij Gobec
Ulica Ludvika Plambergerja 25, 2204 MIKLAVŽ NA DRAVSKEM POLJU

DEKAL operates in a small and distinct niche of aviation equipment, boasting a number of unique selling points including simple operation suitable for non-trained users, compatibility with both workshop and airside operation, and boxes for easy transportat...
00386 23203250
00386 23203251
00386 23203252
Dejan Kalšek
DOMEL, Elektromotorji in gospodinjski aparati, d.o.o.
Otoki 21, 4228 ŽELEZNIKI
Domel is one of the leading developers and suppliers of electric motors for vacuum cleaners, DC motors, brushless motors and components.
00386 45117100
00386 45117106
Matjaž Čemažar
ebm-papst Slovenija d.o.o.
Podskrajnik 16, 1380 CERKNICA
Production of small asinchronic electromotors, fans and pumps.
00386 17090450
00386 17090451
Jošt Rupnik
EDMS proizvodnja elementov za elektronsko industrijo, d.o.o.
Obrtna cesta 18, 8310 ŠENTJERNEJ
EDMS is the exclusive business partner of the Miba Group companies EBG
and DAU in development and production for the electromechanical
Main products - High-voltage resistors, high-power resistors, Heat pipes, Air-cooled heat sinks
00386 76209830
00386 76209837
Maja Kovačič
EKI proizvodnja elektromehanskih komponent, d.o.o., Črnomelj
Majer 27, 8340 ČRNOMELJ
We are designers and manufacturers of various top performance electromechanical components for different household and industrial appliances. Our core product is electromagnetic valve. We strive to be an innovative, reliable and competitive partner to our customers, therefore we continuously invest in product and proce...
00386 73053162
00386 73053174
00386 73053109
Anja Štefanič
ELEKTRONIKA BORAK proizvodnja, storitve, trgovina d.o.o.
Puhova ulica 27, 2250 PTUJ
Elektronika Borak Ltd., was established at the very start in 1990, as a result of increasing demand in electronics and automation industry in Slovenia. The company is headquartered in Ptuj. Initially, we performed repair and program work in a variety of CNC and other computer controlled machines and later by an increas...
00386 27878710
00386 41366447
00386 27878711
Boris Borak
Goričica pri Ihanu 44, 1230 DOMŽALE
We are the leader in Slovenia in the field of specialized radio telecommunication. We develop and produce many different products and try our best to be recognizable on the global market. Our top rated products on the market are External Radio Data Interface E...
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