Machining & Metalworking

Manufacture and Sales of Basic Metals, Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment, Machining, Installation of Industrial Machinery and Equipment

vehicles and auto parts metal fittings and components cast and fabricated metal elements water turbines and pumps various metal products metal tools truck lifts HVAC systems
3CNC d.o.o.
Neverke 58, 6256 KOŠANA
Company 3CNC was grounded with private capital in October 2003. Company has found its purpose in supporting big moulding companies, by producing special mould bases according to customer’s drawings. Our main customers are mould making companies, we can offer them tools for die-casting, transformation tools, cutting too...
00386 57516033
00386 82056108
00386 57516034
Urban Birsa
tooling oracle
Slamnikarska cesta 4, 1230 DOMŽALE
Innovative and technologically advanced company that provide you with new technologies and methods of manufacture and helps you to quickly obtain quality products
00386 31752382
00386 41710505
Leon Plestenjak
Zagrebška cesta 20, 2000 MARIBOR
machining of large parts (max. weight of the parts: 100 T)
00386 24501515
Janez Točaj
ADK d.o.o.
Miklavška cesta 59, 2311 HOČE
Development, design, production and installation, manufacture of steel and tubular structure for mobile cranes.
00386 26165700
00386 26165900
Friderik Čeček
AGRIMAR d.o.o.
Partizanska cesta 127I, 6210 SEŽANA
In our program we present a wide assortment of agricultural machinery and tools for work in agriculture.
00386 31777101
00386 57300783
00386 57300782
Boštjan Božič
ALBA, d.o.o.
Celjska cesta 41, 3212 VOJNIK
Alba is a medium-sized European enterprise with 30 years of experience in developing weighing systems tailored to our customers’ needs. Our successful cooperation with a multitude of pharmaceutical and food industry clients has equipped us with integrity as well as a wide range of knowledge and the necessary excellence...
00386 34281800
00386 34281810
Alojz Kračun
Ljubljanska cesta 67, 1230 DOMŽALE
Kovinostrugarstvo Laznik is a family business with over 40 years of tradition. We are engaged in the production of agricultural, horticultural and vineyard machinery and equipment.
00386 1/7248393
00386 41/654055
00386 1/7248394
Albin Laznik
ALPFRIGO d.o.o., družba za razvoj, projektiranje in proizvodnjo hladilnih naprav
Obrtna cona Logatec 11A, 1370 LOGATEC

Company for development and manufactur of :

- refrigeration equipment in the preparation and processing of food,

- lab.and  pharm. refrigerators,

- special refrigerators.

00386 40850022
00386 40850044
00386 17509538
00386 45150521
Uroš Nastran
ALPMETAL & CO, proizvodnja in trgovina, d.o.o., Selca
Selca 86, 4227 SELCA
Pressure casting of aluminium - processing of castings - welding on CNC machines. ALPMETAL & Co. is a company with a 30-year long tradition. It began as a handcraft activity in 1968, but in 1992 and 1993 grew into a small private company with spatial and other possibilities of further development.The company has long s...
00386 45117836
00386 45117838
00386 45117832
00386 45117839
Martina Golija
ALPTRADING izvoz-uvoz, d.o.o.
Podutiška cesta 144, 1000 LJUBLJANA
The company is engaged in the manufacture of machinery for the putting liner into the caps, filling linea and machine for closing different embalage.
00386 15075433
00386 15191170
00386 15075433
Stana Pečnik
ALTRAD - LIV, proizvodnja in prodaja mešalnikov betona, d.o.o.
Sveti Jurij 18A, 9262 ROGAŠOVCI
Production and sales of professional and DIY concrete mixers with capacity from 130 to 350 litres.
00386 25588430
00386 25571075
Isabelle Garcia
00386 18392534
00386 18319148
Miha Boltar
ALUMINIUM KETY EMMI pridelava aluminja D.O.O.
Kolodvorska ulica 37A, 2310 SLOVENSKA BISTRICA
Manufacture of different aluminium semi-finished and finished products; anodizing.
00386 28050215
00386 28050500
00386 28050230
Roman Stegne
ALUVAR Izdelava kovinskih izdelkov d.o.o.
Gančani 122A, 9231 BELTINCI
The company is engaged in manufacturing, building and steel construction.
00386 25422296
00386 31509909
00386 25422297
Uroš Tratnjek
APT Tehnika d.o.o.
Mednarodni prehod 1, 5290 ŠEMPETER PRI GORICI
We are official representative of many Italian manufacturer of machinery and equipment for construction. We offer you vast range of quality product world-famous producers. Their expertly made products we trade on unique and recognize mode. We offer you a possibility of direct purchase with producer and we guarantee ser...
00386 41/631121
00386 5/3937540
00386 5/3993541
Marjan Stepančič
Sončna pot 1, 4270 JESENICE
Measuring Solutions
HK Instruments is a family-owned Finnish company that helps its customers to keep the quality of indoor air and the functionality of buildings high, resulting in well-being and energy savings. They design highly accurate and easy-to-use measuring devices, mainly for HVAC applications in ventilati...
00386 51 217 578
Janez Mulej
AREX proizvodnja orodij, naprav in storitve d.o.o. Šentjernej
Trubarjeva cesta 7, 8310 ŠENTJERNEJ
Company is producer of various training ammunition for Law Enforcement (blank ammunition, Non-lethal ammunition), metal links, weapon parts and pistols. We offer also special production lines. 
00386 73933450
00386 73933475
00386 73933451
Ivan Kralj
ARMAS d.o.o.
Koroška cesta 14, 2390 RAVNE NA KOROŠKEM
The main activities are development, assembly, service and marketing of the millitary equipment. Years of tradition and experience in the production of vital armoured vehicle parts allow us to keep pace with modern trends of defence force equipment aimed at modernization and upgrading of the existing armoured equipment...
00386 28707623
00386 28706230
Viljem Pečnik
ARTEX d.o.o.
Kolodvorska ulica 43, 9220 Lendava - Lendva

Artex Ltd. is a family business with its main activity as a producer of storage equipment. We have 50 employees and we annually produce more than 2000 tons of various racking systems. We have developed four racking systems of different loading capacities in order to fulfil the needs and requests of our customers as...
00386 25776250
00386 25776252
00386 25776251
Mitja Bensa
AS SYSTEM d.o.o.
Obrtniška ulica 14, 3240 ŠMARJE PRI JELŠAH
AS system is a company with many years of experience in Slovenia and our co-owner is the firm Verbindugselemente Engel GmbH from Germany. With our wide assortment of fasteners like screws and nuts, we provide a complete and competent supply for wholesale and for retail sale as well as for various industries. In the yea...
00386 38007000
00386 38101631
Aleš Seidl
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