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3 PORT, informacijski inženiring d.o.o., Koper
Vojkovo nabrežje 30A, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
3 PORT is intensively entering the Internet of Things (Smart cities, Industry 4.0) with SMIP ("Smart Information Platform") innovative development and production software platform.
Established in 1989, 3 PORT has a long tradition of developing demanding business solutions on the key, adapted to the specific requirem...
00386 56117000
Marjan Marušič
A1 Slovenija telekomunikacijske storitve, d.d.
Ameriška ulica 4, 1000 LJUBLJANA
A1 Slovenija is the leading private provider of integrated communication services in Slovenia. More than 500 employees are committed to creating solutions that enrich life in the digital age to more than 700.000 users. A1 Slovenia develops meaningful communication solutions that fulfil current and emerging needs of use...
00386 40443100
00386 40443199
Ljubljanska cesta 24A, 4000 KRANJ
Company offers own high-tech products for advanced backups and database virtualization. They construct their own line of servers and SAN systems that incorporate extremely fast Infiniband network.
They deliver complete solutions in fields of commercial transactions, logistics, transport, finance and system support. ...
00386 42871100
00386 42871105
Emil Debeljak
Abelium d.o.o.
Leskoškova cesta 9E, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Abelium d.o.o. is a high-tech company specialized in conducting research on complex problems in business and industry and in developing skills, standards, technologies, tools, models and solutions.
00386 15423614
Boris Horvat
ACORD-92, d.o.o., Ljubljana
Stegne 13, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Wholesale of computer components, networking systems, UPS.
Wholesale of its own named brand PCs and notebooks.
00386 15837230
00386 15198020
Jože Štublar
ACTUAL I.T., informacijske tehnologije, d.d.
Ferrarska ulica 14, 6000 KOPER - CAPODISTRIA
Portfolio of solutions by Actual I.T. is designed to conform to various business processes in different industries. The solutions are the result from the cooperation with the leading companies in Slovenia and other regions. The best practices are integrated into solutions by Actual I.T. which offers portfolio of soluti...
00386 56622700
00386 56622799
Pavel Jazbec
Tbilisijska ulica 85, 1000 LJUBLJANA
ADD offers full service at the level of information technology solutions in the field of hardware and software.
  • Counseling,
  • business Solutions,
  • maintenance and technical assistance,
  • solutions to področu hardware and software.
00386 14790011
00386 14235085
00386 14790062
Stane Kastelic
ADVANSYS, računalniški inženiring, proizvodnja, trgovina in storitve d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 23, 2000 MARIBOR
Advansys is dedicated to the development of top of the line, innovative systems for the gaming industry. With extensive experience in gaming and a large body of knowledge in IT systems, Advansys brings together the best of two worlds.As the gaming industry develops, Advansys offers its clients the advantage of in-depth...
00386 53331698
00386 59100130
00386 53331697
Zlatko Waiss
AGILCON, d.o.o.
Bravničarjeva ulica 13, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Agilcon is a pure-play Consulting Partner focused on delivering world class Salesforce based solutions and outsourcing services. With our team of dedicated and experienced professionals your Salesforce projects are in safe hands.
00386 59015373
Adnan Uzunalić
Agitavit Solutions d.o.o.
Letališka cesta 33F, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Agitavit Solutions is a company specialized for consulting and software development services for business customers. Our mission is supporting companies and individuals to work smarter, effectively fulfil their vision and goals and increase their competitive advantage with the help of technology. In doing so, we are fo...
00386 12425670
00386 12425676
Anka Brus
AKTON Telekomunikacijski inženiring d.o.o.
Dunajska cesta 9, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Akton is an international supplier of communications services in the Adriatic area and it is the only one with a coverage of the whole Adriatic area.
00386 12362900
00386 12362920
Igor Košir
Aldia, d.o.o., informacijske storitve
Pot za Brdom 100, 1000 LJUBLJANA
With our own knowledge and our business partners abroad, we adapt products to linguistic, cultural and other requirements of a particular target environment or market. Translation of professional, medical, literary, legal and business texts.
We design and develop software for you according to your requirements and r...
00386 15150032
00386 15150034
Lovro Munda
Alivoo d.o.o.
Cesta na Vrhovce 45, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Development of water sport and photography related products.
Klemen Šurk Kokalj
ALTERNA INTERTRADE d.d., družba za računalniški inženiring, Ljubljana
Litostrojska cesta 56, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Alterna Intertrade PLC, Ljubljana continuously act in the field of information technology. The basic business orientation of the company is a distribution of the computer and other, with IT connected equipment, be it hardware or software, that assures qualitative, advanced and safe information support for the Customer’...
00386 15202800
00386 15202808
00386 15202840
Miran Boštic
AMEBIS, d.o.o., Kamnik
Bakovnik 3, 1241 KAMNIK
Amebis company is dealing with language technologies since 1991. We are developing dictionaries, spell checkers, grammar checkers, web and other search engines, machine translation systems, text to speech systems, virtual agents, text analytic systems and other custom solutions.
00386 18310580
00386 18311035
00386 18310585
Miroslav Romih
AOI d.o.o.
Mestni trg 16, 3210 SLOVENSKE KONJICE
Information technology consultancy activities. Special emphasis is placed on protecting against viruses.
00386 59072200
00386 59072249
Zlatko Kropf
ARAHNE računalniški inženiring d.o.o.
Celovška cesta 73, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Arahne is specialized for development of CAD/CAM software for dobby and jacquard weaving.
00386 14315280
00386 14316119
Dušan Peterc
ARCTUR d.o.o.
Industrijska cesta 1A, 5000 NOVA GORICA
At Arctur, we strive to bring innovative and user-friendly IT solutions to businesses, state and public institutions, research institutions and NGOs, enabling them to better serve and reach their customers.
We are the leading service providers of supercomputing in South East Europe. Following the XaaS mode...
00386 53029070
00386 53022042
Tomi Iljaš
ARHIDES d.o.o.
Perhavčeva ulica 22, 2000 MARIBOR

With a team of highly trained and experienced IT professionals, we want to provide the customer with an appropriate information infrastructure for efficient and smooth operation through an innovative approach, professionalism and years of experience.
We are aware that a quality choice of a solution for the clien...
00386 27071200
00386 27071201
Borut Šosterič
ARNE Računalniški sistemi d.o.o.
Borovec 35, 1236 TRZIN
Company ARNE d.o.o. has evolved from craft workshops for servicing of computer equipment. By continuously investing in knowledge and human resources, the company managed to keep its own style and extended the initial service activities to cover all segments of the layout of complex computer networks, from design, supp...
00386 15610310
00386 15610330
Olimpio Peruško
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